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Indinavir is classified as a protease inhibitor antiviral drug. The active components of the medication help prevent the development and multiplication of the human immunodeficiency virus cells. Consequently, the medication is appreciated as a treatment of HIV, AIDS and symptoms associated with these disorders. In addition, Indinavir can be used for improvement of other health conditions. However, such experience can be quite risky, if not supervised by the doctor. Administer Indinavir off-label only under thorough doctor’s supervision.


Key Information about Indinavir Course: Instructions for Use and Doses


To start a fully safe and effective treatment course, you need to consult the physician first. Provide the medical specialist with details of your health state and other issues related to the condition treatment. Follow individual prescription without any changes.


An average Indinavir dose is equal to 800 mg each 8 hours. Indinavir can be combined with other remedies for an advanced effect. In such case, the same Indinavir dose should be administered each 12 hours. It is inevitable to use the drug an hour before or 2 hours after eating, when your stomach is empty. The medication works best if used at around the same time daily. Drink much water to keep the kidneys properly functioning. Frequent medical tests may be required by the doctor to track the success of the therapy.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


Indinavir should be avoided by patients, who are allergic to its active ingredients. Besides, the drug is not approved, moreover, can trigger life-threatening reactions, when used with other pharmaceuticals. Despite there is not enough proof of the negative Indinavir influence on the health of nursing and unborn children, breastfeeding and pregnant women should eliminate its use.


An individualized dose may be necessary for patients, diagnosed with accompanying or underlying illnesses or health impairments, especially:




 Advanced cholesterol or triglycerides level;

 Kidney issues;

 Liver problems;

 Bleeding abnormalities and others.


Indinavir and Other Medications: Reactions and Possible Side Effects


Similar to other powerful remedies, Indinavir can interact with some pharmaceuticals. The result of such a combination can start from blocked action and overdose, up to the launch of severe health disorders and side effects. Therefore, your healthcare provider should be informed about all the prescription and over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceutical supplements you are using. Ultimate attention should be paid to:


 Steroid drugs;

 Seizure medications;

 Blood pressure remedies;


 HIV treatments and other treatments.


Emergency medical assistance is vital in case Indinavir intake has resulted in allergic reactions, stroke symptoms, advanced heart rate, severe chest pain and certain other disorders. Tell your doctor about less serious disorders you have noticed.


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