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Inderal is an effective beta-blocker, which components affect heart functioning and blood circulation. Such conditions as angina, tremors, hypertension, heart rhythm problems and multiple other circulatory and heart complications can be treated with Inderal. In addition, the drug is effective to prevent and treat heart attacks and decrease frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Contact your doctor to learn about other possible instances of Inderal use.


Using the Drug for Maximal Effect


Ask your healthcare provider about safety issues related to Inderal therapy. Make sure you meet all the requirements, and the treatment course will be maximally safe. Follow the dose adjustment and related intake specifications if you want to get positive outcomes. Never increase or decrease the dose, as it may lead to severe health abnormalities. Inderal is recommended for regular use. The oral remedy should be administered approximately at the same time each day. Skipping doses and sudden stop of the medication course may activate life-threatening reactions and considerable condition worsening. Your blood pressure should be checked often during the course. Warn your physician about Inderal administration before any medical tests, as the drug can change their results. Keep in mind that Inderal is a part of a full treatment program, which also presupposes exercise, diet and weight management.


Preventing Side Effects: Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


The medication seems to be safe and promote positive reactions if used in accordance with all the safety instructions. However, any drug misuse or overuse can provoke certain abnormalities. Do not start the therapy if you have certain health disorders, especially:


 Allergies to the components of the drug;


 Severe heart conditions;

 Decrease heartbeat.


Additionally, there is a range of other health disorders, which may interfere with Inderal treatment course and require special dose adjustment. Such issues include:


 Thyroid disorders;

 Kidney or liver complications;

 Muscle problems;

 Emphysema, bronchitis, breathing issues;


 Congestive heart failure, etc.


Inderal Interactions with Other Treatments


Do not combine the pharmaceutical with the following medications to prevent possible negative consequences:



 Blood thinners;

 Blood pressure medications;

 Steroid pills;

 NSAIDs and others.


These and some other prescription and non-prescription remedies may influence the effects promoted by Inderal, either decreasing them or making them too powerful.


Misuse Outcomes and Severe Health Impairments Possible


Report any complications, which have occurred after the medication intake to your doctor. The most common reactions include tiredness, impotence, nausea, constipation, stomach discomfort and others. However, more severe abnormalities require immediate medical assistance, especially:


 Allergic reactions;


 Kidney and liver disorders;

 Severe skin reactions and others.


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