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Imuran is a medication that works by lowering the immune system of the human body, which is responsible for helping it fight different infections. However, the immune system may also reject or fight such transplanted organs as kidneys and livers. The main reason is that it treats these body organs as invaders. Doctors prescribe Imuran to prevent the body from rejecting transplanted kidneys. Sometimes, it’s also taken to treat the symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis.


Information about Imuran


Some patients who take this drug develop a very rare and fast-growing lymphoma type. This serious medical condition affects other body organs, and it can fatal. Patients with different autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis, have a higher risk of developing it. Besides, it’s not allowed to start this treatment if you have any allergies to it and if you’re pregnant. To make sure that Imuran is 100% safe for you, tell doctors if you have the following conditions:


 Bacterial, viral and fungal infections;

 Liver problems and kidney transplants;

 Chemotherapy treatments.


Imuran may pass into breast milk and harm nursing babies, so breastfeeding women shouldn’t use it. This drug may affect fertility in both men and women.


How to Use Imuran Properly


Doctors may need to perform blood tests to ensure that you don’t have any conditions that may cause health risks while taking this medicine. Take regular doses with meals if you have upset stomach. You shouldn’t take any other arthritis meds together with Imuran. It may lower the blood cells that help the blood clot and help the body fight infections. It usually takes about 8 weeks to see improvements of your condition.


Things to Be Avoided


It’s necessary to avoid communicating with people who have any infections or are sick if you take Imuran. You also need to avoid any exposure to tanning beds and direct sunlight, because this medicine increases a possible risk of having skin cancer. Use effective sunscreen and wear protective clothes to avoid it. You shouldn’t receive any live vaccines while undergoing this treatment, because they may not work properly. For example, they include zoster, rotavirus, chickenpox and other vaccines.


Possible Side Effects


Get emergency medical help once you develop any signs of allergic reactions to Imuran, including swelling, hives and difficulty breathing. Stop taking it and call your doctor if you experience the following severe side effects:


 Sudden weight loss and unusual tiredness;

 Night sweats and fever;

 Feeling full after eating just a small food amount;

 Easy bleeding and bruising;

 Pain in the upper stomach.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


You shouldn’t combine Imuran with such meds as blood thinners, blood pressure pills, allopurinol and some others because of possible drug interactions. They change the way it works and increase possible side effects.


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