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The revolutionary combination of Hydrochlorothiazide and Losartan, which is included in Hyzaar, makes it a potential treatment. One of the ingredients belongs to a group of thiazide water pills and works preventing excess salt absorption by the body. Another component is classified as an angiotensin II receptor antagonist, which warns the blood vessel narrowing. As a result, the drug is widely used to treat blood pressure disorders and decrease the risk of stroke occurrence in patients with heart problems. Additionally, Hyzaar may be administered for other purposes, not specified in the safety guide. Consult your medical specialist before off-label drug intake.


Warnings, Contraindications and Precautions


Discuss Hyzaar therapy with a qualified doctor in order to prevent possible complications and maximize positive effects. The treatment is not approved for patients, who are sensitive to its active ingredients or have urination difficulties. Besides, the medication can impact kidney functioning and lead to severe diabetes aggravation if used with other drugs. It is inevitable to warn the doctor about all the accompanying illnesses and health problems you have, paying ultimate attention to:




 Congestive heart failure;

 Kidney disorders;


 Liver impairment;


 Lupus and others.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women are contraindicated for the drug intake due to a high risk of its negative influence on an unborn and nursing child.


Hyzaar with Other Remedies


Some prescription and non-prescription medications may interact with Hyzaar leading to severe complications and side effects. Thus, to get proper dose adjustment and benefit from a safe course, a patient should inform the doctor about all the pharmaceuticals he/she is using, especially:


 Other hypertension treatments;



 Muscle relaxers;

 Water pills;



 Rifampin and others.


How to Administer the Drug Correctly


Follow the instructions determined by your healthcare provider and specified in the safety leaflet. The slightest misuse or overuse can launch certain health complications. Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor to get dose adjustments. Hyzaar is the remedy for regular oral use. It is preferable to administer it on a daily basis, at the same time, with a full glass of water. Frequent blood pressure checks may be recommended by your doctor in order to keep it balanced and prevent from a considerable drop.


Possible Misuse Reactions and Side Effects


As any other drug, Hyzaar may lead to certain disorders. However, proper drug intake is the key to a flawless course. Call your doctor in case the medication use has resulted in any mild to severe abnormalities. Seek emergency medical assistance if you have noticed hives, swelling, breathing complications, other signs of allergic reactions or similar dangerous health issues:



 High potassium levels;


 Vision disorders, etc.


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