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Hydrea serves a time-tested and widely appreciated cancer treatment. The medication features a powerful active ingredient, Hydroxyurea, which interferes with the body cells, including sickle red blood cells and cancer cells. As a result, the drug is used as a part of ovarian cancer, skin cancer and chronic myeloid leukemia treatment. Besides, the medication is sometimes recommended for decrease of pain episodes and reduction of blood transfusion need in patients with sickle cell anemia. Hydrea can be taken off-label for several other conditions. However, such a course can be unsafe, unless it is supervised by the doctor.


Recommendations for Flawless Treatment Course


The first step in cancer treatment is being diagnosed with the disorder and getting doctor’s instructions for further treatments. Once your healthcare provider has adjusted Hydrea as a therapy for your instance, you need to take the drug without any changes. Your doctor can occasionally adjust a different dose, though it will be based on the results of your medical tests and progress the drug. Over 10 glasses of water should be drunk daily in order to keep the body properly functioning.


Despite there is no universal Hydrea dose, it is inevitable to use the adjusted dose on a regular basis. Administer the treatment with or without food, once a day. Do not open the capsule before use; otherwise, you risk being overdosed. Abnormal medical test results can be caused by Hydrea, so your physician should know about the medication use.


Hydrea and Other Medications


Specific medications can interfere with Hydrea influence on the organism. Some drugs can advance the positive effect, triggering overdose, others will fully block the drug effectiveness, while the third group will interact with Hydrea triggering harmful side effects. To avoid related disorders, you need to provide the doctor with information about currently taken drugs, with ultimate concern to:




 Stavudine and others.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions for Medicine Intake


Never start Hydrea course if you are sensitive to its ingredients. Your doctor should be warned about illnesses and health problems you have, as special dose adjustment may be required in some instances. Report all the following disorders:



 Skin cancer or its history;


 Bone marrow suppression;

 Decreased range of platelets within the blood and others.


Severe birth defects can develop in children if Hydrea is administered by pregnant woman. Breastfeeding patients are also not approved for the medicine intake.


Adverse Reactions and Possible Side Effects


Contact your healthcare specialist to report all the minor to severe abnormalities, stimulated by cancer treatment use. Seek emergency medical help if the current condition aggravates, while the medicine intake results in allergic reactions. The most common Hydrea reactions are:


 Weak immune system;

 Liver disorders;

 Pancreas problems;


 Confusion and headache, etc.


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