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Where to buy Glycomet online?




Glycomet is taken by patients with type 2 diabetes with their effective exercise and diet programs to control blood sugar levels. Sometimes, they can use it with other meds with the same purpose. This treatment helps users control their high blood sugar levels, thus, preventing such serious health problems as loss of limbs, kidney damage, heart complications and so on. Glycomet works by helping people restore proper response to natural insulin in the human body. It also reduces sugar amount produced by the liver and absorbed by the intestines or stomach. This medicine can be taken with certain lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes in consumers who have a high risk of developing this condition.


How to Take Glycomet


Take this medicine orally, 1-3 times a day with your regular meals. Drink enough water when taking doses, which are based on your kidney function, medical condition and individual response. Most patients start this treatment with low doses that can be gradually increased to avoid unwanted side effects. You need to check your blood sugar levels regularly and keep track of all the results.


Possible Side Effects


There are some mild side effects caused by the intake of Glycomet, including:


 Stomach upset and nausea;

 Unusual weakness and vomiting;

 Diarrhea and metallic taste.


If any of these signs worsen, you need to inform your physician immediately. Some stomach symptoms may happen after the first days of this treatment, and they indicate lactic acidosis. Most patients don’t experience any serious side effects when taking this drug, but Glycomet may cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level, especially when it’s used with other anti-diabetic meds. Watch out for such symptoms as:


 Shaking and sweating;

 Hunger and dizziness;

 Fast heartbeats and blurred vision;

 Tingling feet and hands.


They are more likely if you drink a lot of alcohol when taking Glycomet, do heavy exercises or don’t get enough calories from your food. Allergic reactions to this medicine are rare, and they are characterized by severe dizziness, swelling, skin rash, difficulty breathing, etc.


Important Precautions and Interactions


Before you start this treatment, let your doctors know anything about possible allergies and other serious conditions, such as blood issues, severe breathing complications and kidney and liver problems. Don’t drive and avoid other activities that require clear vision or alertness. Older patients are more prone to the side effects caused by Glycoment, especially hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis.


There are certain medications that should be avoided because of dangerous drug interactions that change the way it works and result in severe side effects. Don’t take Glycoment with beta-blockers and other meds that may prevent pounding or fast heartbeats that you feel when you blood sugar levels are too low. Make a list of other products that you’re using, including prescription and other drugs.


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