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Ginette 35 is a universal medication to prevent a number of organism dysfunctions. Generally, it is used to treat excess amount of androgens. Androgens are a group of male sex hormones, which are produced both by males and females. Still, it can happen that a female organism produces too much of androgens, which causes several problems, such as hirsutism, androgenic alopecia, acne, inflammation, seborrhea or even polycystic ovary syndrome. By the way, Ginette 35 may also be used as a contraceptive, but in a combination with other drugs.


How Ginette 35 Helps Women


The medication consists of synthetic oestrogen which is an alternative to progestogen and is also an antiandrogen. Thus, taking antiandrogen cancels the effects caused by androgen. Oestrogen blocks androgen, so the latter loses its influence on the organism, which means that natural processes in women’s body normalize. So, abnormal hair growth or lost hair stops, the skin loses excess fat and looks good while the ovaries losing unnecessary amount of androgen normalize their work and return to normal ovulation processes. By the way, Ginette 35 provides the effect of contraception, preventing a fertilized egg from implanting and growing.


Recommendations for Right Medication Intake


To have the right effect the amount of the pharmaceutical should be measured correctly. The first advice is to inform a doctor about your health condition, your past diseases whether you can take this drug without harm. Secondly, no matter what you think, take the drug exactly as your doctor has prescribed it. A pack of Ginette 35 has 21 tablets that should be taken every day at the same time with a glass of water, better without food to avoid stomach problems. Then, you will have a 7-day break for menstrual bleeding, after which the therapy should be repeated again, until the desirable effect is obtained.


Average Dose


Ginette 35 contains hormones and their synthetic alternatives, so you shouldn’t ignore the prescribed dosage. Each tablet consists of approximately 2-2.5 mg of active components and as far as you are prescribed with only one tablet a day, your daily dose is 2-2.5 mg. The dose doesn’t vary, no matter what happens or what conditions you face. The only one who can change your dose is your healthcare provider. You should listen to neither Internet reviews nor any acquaintances who have taken the drug just because they are not professionals.




 You shouldn’t take Ginette 35 if your family or you have breast carcinoma or any liver diseases;

 If you have problems with blood pressure, blood vessels, heart attacks or stroke, you aren’t allowed to take this drug;

 If you have any form of diabetes or abnormal genital bleedings of unknown cause.


Possible Side Effects


The list of side effects isn’t long, still, you should follow the rules not to be afraid facing them:


 Breast tenderness or pain;

 Abdominal pain;

 Headache or high pressure;

 Changes in body weight or libido.


In case any other severe symptoms of adverse reactions have appeared and started bothering you, be sure to seek emergency medical help.


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