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Furosemide is an effective medication, which is classified as a water pill and works preventing the organism from ultimate salt absorption. Instead, it is passed in the urine, decreasing the symptoms of fluid retention. As a result, the treatment is administered by patients, who are diagnosed with kidney problems, liver disorders, congestive heart failure and related complications. High blood pressure can also be treated with Furosemide. Ask your doctor about other instances of the drug intake.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions for the Drug Intake


Do not start the medication use unless you are 100% sure it will be safe for your general health state. Avoid Furosemide course if you are allergic to it or have other health problems that may interact with Furosemide course. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should pay exceptional attention to the effects promoted by the drug, since its components may impair the health of an unborn and nursing child.


Inform your healthcare provider about current illnesses and health complications you have to prevent abnormalities and other interactions. Special dose adjustment may be necessary for patients who are diagnosed with:


 Enlarged prostate;

 Kidney or liver disorders;

 Increased cholesterol and triglyceride level;




 Electrolyte imbalance;

 Bladder or urination issues, etc.


Furosemide Interactions with Other Medications


Some prescription and non-prescription medications may also change the route of Furosemide action. Thus, your medical specialist should be aware of all the treatments you use, especially:


 Blood pressure remedies;

 Heart pills;



 Chloral hydrate;


 Phenytoin and others.


A range of medications may worsen the symptoms or lead to abnormal sleepiness. Additionally, Furosemid can impair your kidney functioning if taken with other remedies.


Information for Safe Therapy


Follow the prescription and recommendations of your doctor if you want to achieve maximal results with minimal negative outcomes. Increased or decreased dose will lead to harmful reactions. Take the exact dose, determined by a qualified healthcare specialist. High Furosemide doses can trigger irreversible hearing impairments. Frequent urination and certain other issues may aggravate during the therapy, though they will disappear as soon as you finish the course. It is important to visit the doctor regularly during the treatment course in order to avoid abnormalities.


Misuse Reactions and Possible Side Effects


Contact your physician if you have got any symptoms aggravations or new issues. Pay ultimate attention to the following problems:


 Severe nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite;

 Skin reaction;

 Liver or kidney dysfunction;

 Electrolyte imbalances and its signs, etc.


Seek emergency medical help if any signs of allergic reactions have occurred after Furosemide intake.


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