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Nowadays there are lots of reasons why women can’t become pregnant. The types of these reasons vary greatly – from congenital diseases to simple dysfunctions of the physiological system. It is a pitty to mention people with serious diseases, but Fertomid helps with anovulation, which is a condition when the receptors responsible for ovulation are blocked. Fertomid is perfect to solve such a problem.


How It Works


Fertomid consists clomiphene, which regulates the work of oestrogen hormone. Oestrogen is necessary to block hormones responsible for releasing the egg from the ovaries. Anovulation occurs when oestrogen levels rise high, so that it prevents the egg from escaping the uterus and being fertilized. Clomiphene regulates the amount of oestrogen, so that your organism can produce more hormones to gain an ability to release the egg. That is an easy way to become pregnant avoiding any operations.


Fertomid Intake Recommendations


As it concerns ovulation, the tablets should be taken during the menstrual cycle. After several tests it was found out that the best effect is reached if you take Fertomid starting on the 5th day of your menstruation at the same time every day. The therapy lasts for 5 days, when you should take one pill a day either with or without food to prevent diarrhea or any other stomach problems. The therapy should be repeated if ovulation didn’t happen.


Needed Drug Dosage


This medication influences the hormones, so it should be taken only once a day. An average dose is 50 mg on a daily basis. Though there are dosage varieties like 25 mg or 100 mg, the best choice is to administer a 50 mg pill, because it is an average amount of clomiphene that isn’t harmful. If you take too much hormone-affecting chemical, it may cause trouble for your health. The tablet should be taken with a full glass of water.


Contraindications and Warnings


The list of warnings and precautions isn’t that big, still, you should carefully check it:


 You shouldn’t use this medication, if you are already pregnant.

 If you already have a baby and go through breastfeeding, you shouldn’t take Fertomid.

 If you have suffered from liver or stomach diseases, any type of cancer or if you have an ovarian cyst or unexpected menstrual bleeding, Fertomid is contraindicated for you.

 If you have any allergy to the active component, other ingredients of the drug or their alternatives, you should inform your healthcare provider and find out whether you are allowed to take this pharmaceutical.

 The therapy with Fertomid shouldn’t last longer than 5 days in a row, as it may cause hormonal imbalance, which may harm your organism.

 This medication is forbidden to be used by children or women, who have gone through menopause.


What Side Effects May Appear?


The side effects can vary from simple dizziness to eyesight loss, etc. Be careful with the dose and don’t mix this medication with any other remedy without consulting your doctor to prevent the occurrence of severe adverse reactions.


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