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Where to buy Feldene online?




Feldene is a medication that belongs to anti-inflammatory drugs, so it works by relieving people’s swelling, pain, tenderness and stiffness caused by arthritis. Doctors prescribe it to their patients to treat different arthritis types, such as gout, osteoarthritis and some others. Sometimes, this medicine is also prescribed to treat pain caused by any surgery, menstrual cramps and childbirth. Basically, Feldene belongs to a group of meds called NSAIDs, and it works by stopping specific substances in the human body if they cause inflammation.


Basic Warnings


This medicine may increase people’s risk to have a stroke and heart attack, and its effect is greater if they have specific heart issues. You need to inform doctors if you have such serious conditions as high cholesterol levels, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Users must get emergency medical help if you notice such severe symptoms as chest pain, slurred speech, shortness of breath, unusual weakness and so on. The intake of Feldene may increase a risk of having stomach bleeding and ulcers. Older patients are more sensitive to its side effects, especially intestinal issues. It’s not advisable to drink alcohol when taking this drug because of increased risk of stomach ulcers and bleeding.


Besides, doctors need to be informed if you’re taking such medications as:


 Aspirin and anticoagulants;

 Oral steroids and other NSAIDs.


Inform your physician if you have any stomach bleeding, ulcers and other unusual health problems. Stop using Feldene and go to the hospital once you experience:


 Vomiting as coffee grounds;

 Tarry, bloody and black stools;

 Severe stomach pain and heartburn.


Important Precautions


Before you start taking Feldene, let doctors know if you have such serious diseases as asthma, swelling, nasal polyps, kidney and liver problems, alcohol abuse, bowel or stomach bleeding, allergies and low sodium levels in the blood. It may take up to a few weeks and even months to experience full benefit of this treatment. This medication should be avoided by pregnant and nursing women because of possible health risks.


Feldene Side Effects


Just like other drugs, this medicine may cause certain side effects, including:


 Constipation and diarrhea;

 Dizziness and gas;

 Headaches and ringing in your ears.


These symptoms are mild, but your doctor needs to know if they persist. In rare cases, this medication may cause severe side effects that must be reported immediately:


 Fever and vision issues;

 Joint pain and unexplained weight gain;

 Hives, blisters, itching and rash;

 Difficulty swallowing and breathing;

 Fast heartbeats and allergies;

 Pale skin and excessive tiredness;

 Swelling of your lips, arms, feet and so on;

 Unusual bruising and bleeding;

 Hoarseness and loss of appetite;

 Flu-like symptoms and upset stomach;

 Yellow eyes and skin;

 Painful urination and back pain;

 Bloody, cloudy or discolored urine.


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