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Where to buy Evista online?




Evista (generic name raloxifene) is the medication that belongs to the group of selective estrogen receptor modulators and affects the bone formation cycle and breakdown, reduced bone tissue loss and treats osteoporosis in women undergoing menopause.


Evista may also be taken in other cases not listed in the safety guide, for instance, lower the risk of acquiring any type of invasive breast cancer during and after menopause. The active ingredient of the remedy, raloxifene, acts similar to estrogen in particular parts of the body, thus, making the bones stronger and blocking estrogen. However, it is not a medication that treats breast cancer.


Information You Need to Know before Therapy


You shouldn’t start the treatment course if you have had a history of blood clot, as it may increase the risk of condition appearance in the lungs, legs or eyes. Evista may increase the risk of stroke which may be fatal for some patients. This risk is very high if you are suffering from such condition as coronary heart disease, and have particular risk factors, such as:





 Excess weight;

 High cholesterol levels;

 High blood pressure;

 Liver/kidney disease;

 History of hysterectomy;

 History of breast cancer;

 History of coronary artery disease;

 Intake of some other medicines that may interact with Evista action;

 Pregnancy, breastfeeding and some others.


To get a whole list of conditions which increase the risk of side effects appearance, you need to contact your healthcare provider. Though it is unlikely for postmenopausal women to get pregnant, if this happens, you should remember that the use of Evista may provoke birth defects, so it’s advisable to refrain from the therapy in case you are pregnant or planning pregnancy. If you aren’t past your menopause, consult your doctor who will prescribe an effective birth control method.


Recommendations for Use


The medication should be taken by women only. It should be used right as prescribed by your healthcare provider, with or without food, preferably at the same time every day. Evista comes packed in blisters, where each blister contains 15 tabs – one for each day of the week your healthcare professional told you to take. Use one tablet a day, unless your doctor has recommended otherwise. It is advisable for the tablet in the center of the blister to be the last one you administer before starting the new blister.


If there is some surgery, you will have to stop the administration of the drug at least 72 hours before the procedure. Evista isn’t the only cure of the condition. The therapy has to be combined with healthy diet, workout, intake of vitamins and weight control.


Side Effects


Among possible adverse reactions, the following can be noticed:


 Flu symptoms;

 Hot flashes;

 Leg cramps;

 Joint pain;

 Lumps in the breasts;

 Signs of blood clots and stroke.


Seek medical attention if any of the above-mentioned symptoms have appeared or become bothersome.


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