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Estrace is a female hormone which is prescribed to women who lack estrogen, which is produced by the body, and suffer from vaginal symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, itching, vaginal dryness and burning. Off-label uses of the drug include estrogen replacement in women with ovarian failure, other issues that make the body lack estrogen and to prevent osteoporosis. Sometimes, Estrace is taken as part of cancer treatment.




Estrace shouldn’t be used to prevent dementia, stroke or heart disease, as it will most likely increase the risk of their development. Long-term administration of this remedy may increase the risk of blood clots and breast cancer.


The progress of the therapy has to be checked by your healthcare provider regularly (every 3-6 months) in order to decide whether to continue this treatment or not.


Before starting the treatment course, you should inform your doctor if you are pregnant or have:


 Allergy to estradiol, the active component of the remedy;

 Blood-clotting or bleeding disorder;

 History of cancer which is hormone dependent (ovarian, uterine, breast, thyroid, etc.);

 Recent history of stroke or heart attack;

 History of jaundice caused by oral contraception pills or pregnancy;

 Kidney disease;


 Gallbladder disease;

 Seizure disorders, such as epilepsy;



 Thyroid condition;


 Uterine fibroid tumors or endometriosis.


In breastfeeding women estradiol may either slow down lactation or pass into breast milk.


Rules of Administration


Estrace has to be taken strictly in accordance with doctor’s prescription. Follow all the directions concerning the dose, frequency of the drug intake, etc. If you have missed a dose, don’t double it, but rather take the following one according to your usual schedule.


Interactions with Other Drugs


Estrace is able to interact with a range of drugs and reduce the effect of hypoglycemic, antihypertensive medicines and anticoagulants. Reduced levels of estradiol in the blood may be noticed if the drug is combined with hepatic enzymes. Ask your doctor for a full list of remedies that interact with Estrace.


Side Effects


The most common adverse reactions include:



 Vaginal discharge or itching;

 Changes in periods;

 Vomiting and nausea;

 Stomach cramps and bloating;

 Thinning hair on the scalp;

 Breast pain.


If you have noticed any of the following severe adverse reactions, seek immediate medical assistance at once:


 Symptoms of heart attack (pain in the jaw or shoulder, sweating, nausea);

 Signs of stroke (severe headache, weakness in one side of the body, vision problems)

 Chest pain, sudden wheezing, cough, fast breathing;

 Tenderness or swelling of the stomach;

 Breast lumps;

 High levels of calcium in the blood which manifest themselves with stomach pain, appetite loss, joint pain, constipation, fatigue and feeling restless;

 Swelling, pain or redness in the legs.


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