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Effective macrolide antibiotic affects the body bacteria, restricting their growth and killing them through significant reduction of protein production inevitable for its development and growth. As a result of a potential impact on the organism, the medication helps eliminate the signs of various bacterial infections. Besides, it can be administered off-label for other instances, not specified in the information leaflet.


Instructions and Recommendations for Use


Follow doctor’s directions in order to promote a safe course without complications. The medication should be administered exactly as prescribed, since any misuse will stimulate the appearance of abnormalities. Report mild to severe complications to your doctor, since he/she can change the adjustment for maximal effectiveness. Never administer the drug in higher or lower doses. The treatment should be used for the full course, determined by the healthcare provider, as the whole condition may require some time to disappear. Keep using Erythromycin even though its symptoms have already disappeared. An average Erythromycin dose is 250-500 mg used every 6 hours. However, it can differ, according to the peculiarities of the patient’s health. The key moment is regular intake without skipping doses.


Safety Considerations


Do not start Erythromycin use if you are sensitive to its ingredients. Besides, the remedy is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to a high risk of unwanted impacts on the child’s health. The patient should provide the doctor with detailed information about overall health state and other complications, especially:


 Myasthenia gravis;

 Kidney or liver impairments;

 Electrolyte imbalances;

 Heart rhythm problems;

 Long QT issues, etc.


Erythromycin Interactions with Other Drugs


Provide your medical specialist with a list of prescription and non-prescription drugs you take, as well as other pharmaceutical products used, with exceptional concern to:


 Depression drugs;

 Blood pressure medications;



 Cancer treatments;

 Medications to balance cholesterol and triglycerides range;

 Pulmonary arterial hypertension drugs and others.


Side Effects and Abnormalities


Undesirable Erythromycin combinations and any other drug misuse may result in severe allergic reactions that require immediate medical assistance. Besides, the treatment can trigger a range of other complications, including:


 Serious skin reactions;

 Bloody or watery diarrhea;

 Severe dizziness, chest pain, drowsiness;

 Hearing impairments;

 Liver complications;

 Vomiting, nausea and other signs of stomach dysfunctions.


Report all the abnormalities to your doctor either to change the prescription or stop the drug intake in order to manage the side effects.


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