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As an antiviral medication, Epivir HBV is used to warn human immunodeficiency virus development. Additionally, the remedy is widely recommended for prevention of hepatitis B virus multiplication within the organism. The active ingredient of the drug, Lamivudine, is a powerful treatment of HIV, the virus, which can trigger acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Keep in mind that the medication will not completely cure HIV or AIDS. Even though the remedy can be administered as a part of hepatitis B treatment, it is not approved for patients with both hepatitis B and HIV. Epivir HBV can be used for a range of other conditions, not specified in the safety guide. Discuss the off-label course with a qualified doctor in order to benefit from the experience.


Issues to Mind before Beginning of the Treatment Course: Warnings, Precautions and Contraindications


Do not start the therapy if you are sensitive to Lamivudine or other ingredients of the treatment. Besides, the remedy is not advised for patients, who are using other Lamivudine-containing drugs, especially:







 Stribild, etc.


Make sure your healthcare provider is aware of all the health disorders, impairments and complications you have. Some conditions can worsen the current condition or trigger new symptoms. Therefore, special dose adjustment may be required for people with accompanying:



 Kidney or liver disorders;

 Heart-related impairments and similar illnesses.


The components of the drug can pass to unborn and nursing children stimulating the occurrence of dangerous disorders. Epivir is not approved for children under 2 years old.


Ways to Achieve Successful Therapy


Administer Epivir HBV in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and safety directions. This way you will maximize positive drug influence and minimize the risks. Never take the treatment in lower or higher doses, for a shorter or prolonged course or with any other change.


Epivir works best if taken regularly. The remedy can be administered with or without food. Your doctor may order frequent medical tests during the therapy, as they will help track the progress of the therapy. Since HIV and AIDS are usually treated with several medications, you need to ask your physician about possible Epivir HBV interactions.


Side Effects and Misuse Outcomes


Allergic reactions, symptoms of lactic acidosis and other serious health impairments triggered by Epivir require emergency medical assistance. Additionally, contact your doctor to report other mild to serious adverse reactions. The most common disorders include:


 Problems with the pancreas;

 Liver impairments;


 Symptoms of new infection;

 Cold sores;

 Advanced heart rate;

 Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;


 Ear infection and others.


This is not a full list of possible disorders, so seek medical help if Epivir HBV course has resulted in any abnormalities.


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