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Being classified as a tetracyclic antidepressant, the medicine interferes with brain chemicals balancing their amounts and eliminating related conditions. As a result, Endep is usually prescribed to people, who are diagnosed with depression and similar complications. Additionally, the therapy can be used off-label for other purposes, not specified in the information leaflet.


Safety Instructions for Endep Intake


Consult a qualified medical specialist in order to get the necessary safety recommendations and maximize positive drug influence. The treatment is not advised for people, who are sensitive to any ingredient of the drug. Additionally, Endep is not approved for children under 12 years old. Patients with recent history of a heart attack are contraindicated for the medicine intake. It is dangerous to combine Endep with MAOIs, as such combinations can trigger devastating reactions and nasty side effects. Despite the remedy seems to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, the minimal risk for health of an unborn or nursing child is still possible, so it is better to avoid the course.


To ensure a completely safe and flawless therapy, you need to warn your healthcare provider about other disorders and illnesses you have, paying ultimate attention to:


 Heart disorders;

 Liver impairments;

 Manic depression or schizophrenia;

 Heart attack, stroke, seizures;

 Psychosis or mental illness;

 Urination disorders;

 Glaucoma, etc.


Using the Medication for Desired Effects


Take Endep in the dose and for the term adjusted by your medical specialist. The slightest changes in the prescription can stimulate the occurrence of certain complications and condition aggravations. You need to use the remedy for a full course determined by your medical specialist. The treatment course can last for over 4 weeks before you experience first improvements. Never stop the course suddenly, as it can trigger serious withdrawal reactions and severe side effects. Despite Endep doses are individually adjusted for every patient, 75 mg is an average safe dose, sufficient for a positive effect without complications.


Endep and Other Treatments: Interactions and Outcomes


Combining this tetracyclic antidepressant with other medications can advance the risk of side effects occurrence. Some remedies can make you sleepy, while others can trigger serious new symptoms. Inform your medical specialist about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs you are using, with ultimate concern to:


 Heart rhythm drugs;

 Other antidepressants;

 Narcotic pain drugs;

 Seizure remedies and others.


Search emergency medical help the moment you have noticed any signs of allergic reactions or other devastating complications from Endep intake. The most dangerous and frequently occurring side effects include:








 Urination problems, etc.


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