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Where to buy Duphalac online?




Duphalac is a medication that contains lactulose as its active ingredient, and it’s a type of sugar, which is broken down in intestines into mild acids that draw water into a colon and help soften regular stools. This medicine is taken by patients to treat chronic constipation.


What You Need to Know about Its Intake


It’s not allowed to start using Duphalac if you need to stick to a low-galactose diet. Before starting this treatment, inform doctors if you have diabetes or if you require any intestinal test, including colonoscopy. Usually it takes about 48 hours for bowel movements to start. Stop taking this medicine and contact doctors if you experience ongoing or severe diarrhea. If you need to take Duphalac for a long time, you may need to do regular blood tests.


What You Should Discuss with Doctors


You shouldn’t use this medicine if you have any allergic reactions to it or other similar drugs. Report your full medical history to physicians. The intake of Duphalac is not expected to harm unborn babies, but you still need to inform doctors about pregnancy. It’s not known known if this medication passes into the breast milk or harms nursing babies, so you should be quite careful with its intake when breastfeeding.


How to Take Duphalac Correctly


Take this medication according to the directions given by doctors and written on the label. The right dosage is based on your individual tolerance and other basic factors. Don’t use it in higher doses or for longer than needed. Nowadays, Duphalac is available in different forms, including powder and liquid. Avoid overdosing and get emergency medical help if you experience any signs of overdosing, including leg discomfort, extreme thirst, increased or uneven heart rates, confusion, dry or hot skin, severe diarrhea, urination changes, stomach pain, limp feeling or muscle weakness.


What Are Possible Duphalac Side Effects?


You need to get emergency medical help once you notice any signs of allergic reactions, including swelling, hives, itching and difficulty breathing. Severe side effects are rare when taking this drug, but you need to stop its intake and call your doctor if you experience such serious symptoms as ongoing or severe diarrhea. Besides, there are other mild adverse reactions associated with the intake of Duphalac, including:


 Stomach pain and diarrhea;

 Vomiting and nausea;

 Bloating and gas.


However, if any of these side effects persist or become bothersome, contact your doctor.


Other Medications That May Affect Duphalac


There are other medications that may potentially interact with Duphalac. You need to avoid the intake of antacids, because some of them can make it harder for the human body to absorb its active ingredient. Drug interactions must be avoided, because they result in increased side effects and change the way meds work. Inform doctors any other medications that you’re using, including prescription, over-the-counter and even herbal supplements.


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