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Where to buy Dulcolax online?




Dulcolax is a medication taken by patients to treat constipation. Sometimes, it’s prescribed to clear out the intestines before planned bowel surgery or examination. This medicine belongs to a group of drugs called stimulant laxatives, and it works by increasing the movement of intestines, thus, helping stools to come out within a short time frame.


How to Take Dulcolax Correctly


Use this medicine orally according to the directions given by doctors. When self-treating, read the label carefully. If you feel uncertain about any details, consult your physician. The right dosage is prescribed by doctors based on such factors as your medical condition, age and individual response. It’s not allowed to increase regular doses or take Dulcolax for longer than needed. Usually, it takes about 6-12 hours for this medicine to cause bowel movements. Inform doctors if any bleeding from the rectum happens or you have other side effects.


Mild and Severe Side Effects


Just like other drugs, Dulcolax may cause certain side effects, but most of them are mild and rare. For example, some of the most common adverse reactions experienced by patients include:


 Unusual weakness and abdominal pain;

 Diarrhea and nausea;

 Stomach pain and cramps.


If any of these symptoms persist or get worse, you need to contact doctors. Serious adverse reactions are very rare, but you should watch out for them. Stop taking Dulcolax and get emergency medical help if you experience any of the following severe side effects:


 Muscle weakness and cramps;

 Persistent vomiting and nausea;

 Dizziness and fainting;

 Irregular heartbeats and reduced urination;

 Sudden mood and mental changes.


Serious allergic reactions to Dulcolax are rare, but you need to seek medical help if you experience such annoying and dangerous symptoms as trouble breathing, rash, swelling and itching.


Basic Precautions


Before you start this treatment, inform doctors if you have any allergic reactions to it. They also need to know everything about your medical history, especially if you have sudden changes in bowel habits, intestinal blockage, bleeding from the rectum, appendicitis and some other health conditions. Pregnant and nursing women should be careful with the intake of Dulcolax because of possible health risks. Before taking this medicine, visit your physician to be properly examined and diagnosed.


Drug Interactions


The effects of certain medications may change the mechanism of action of Dulcolax or increase a possible risk of severe side effects. That’s why this medicine shouldn’t be taken along with antacids and drugs that reduce the stomach acid, including H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors. Inform doctors about any other pharmaceutical products that you’re using to avoid drug interactions. Make a full list of other over-the-counter and prescription medications that you’re taking in addition to herbal supplements, such as vitamins and minerals.


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