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Duetact is a revolutionary treatment, which contains Pioglitazone and Glimepiride as active ingredients, responsible for a positive effect. A combination of innovative components helps to control blood sugar levels, thus, eliminate bothersome symptoms of diabetes. The treatment is prescribed to patients, who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, as it will not treat disorders associated with type 1 diabetes. Additionally, the medication can be administered off-label for other aims, not listed in the safety guide.


Proper Duetact Intake as Halfway to Successful Treatment Course


Start the treatment course with doctor’s consultation, so that you are sure it will not trigger unwanted reactions and dangerous outcomes. Duetact should be administered in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and similar intake recommendations. Never change the adjusted dose, duration of the course or other specifications of the therapy. To get the maximal effect, Duetact should be taken on a regular basis, preferably at the same time daily. You should use Duetact with breakfast or the first meal of the day. Your doctor may require frequent medical tests or blood sugar tests to ensure a 100% safe and progressive course. Duetact intake advances the risk of hypoglycemia development, so you always need to have some products rich in sugar at hand. Mind that this oral diabetes medicine is a single part of a complicated treatment course, which also presupposes a healthy diet, regular exercises, special medical care and proper weight management.


Warnings, Precautions and Possible Interactions


Discuss the safety of the treatment course with your qualified medical specialist. Do not start the course in case you are sensitive to the drug ingredients or similar treatments. Patients with active bladder cancer, advanced or severe heart failure, diabetic ketoacidosis and other devastating conditions are not approved for Duetact course. Warn your healthcare provider about other health disorders and abnormalities, which can influence the therapy, especially:


 Kidney or liver diseases;

 Bladder cancer or its history;

 Heart-related diseases;

 Fluid retention;

 Congestive heart failure;

 Eye impairments;

 Stroke or heart attack;

 Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, etc.


Additionally, some pharmaceuticals can interact with Duetact, launching unwanted reactions and nasty abnormalities. Provide the doctor with details of your current therapies to get proper prescription and dose adjustment.


Misuse Reactions and Side Effects


Mild side effects and severe complications may occur as a result of Duetact use. Report any problems to your doctor. Pay ultimate attention to:


 Allergic reactions;

 Symptoms of liver dysfunction;

 Sudden vision changes;

 Breathing disorders;

 Urination issues, etc.


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