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Dostinex (generic name Cabergoline) is a dopamine receptor agonist that works reducing the amount of hormone prolactin produced by the pituitary gland. The medication is used to treat hormonal imbalance which results in increased prolactin levels in the blood – condition which is also called hyperprolactinemia. Sometimes healthcare providers prescribe Dostinex for off-label use.


Before Taking the Drug


Prior to Dostinex administration it is important to inform your doctor whether you have heart, liver disease or any breathing disorder. The treatment is not recommended in case a patient has:


 Uncontrolled hypertension;

 Allergy to the active ingredient or other medication components;

 History of heart and breathing problems.


Patients may notice urges to gamble, increased sexual urge and other desires while undergoing the therapy. Report them to your doctor. To make sure cabergoline is effective in your case, it is required to pass regular blood tests to measure the level of prolactin during the treatment and several months after it.


Inform your medical provider if you have any of the following conditions:


 Allergy to cabergoline;

 History of breathing and heart problems;

 History of heart valve disorder;

 Hypertension caused by pregnancy;

 Allergy to ergot medications, methylergonovine or egronovine.


Though Dostinex is not supposed to harm the health of an unborn baby, it’s highly advisable to tell your doctor whether you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the nearest future. Also you should avoid breastfeeding as it is unknown whether the medication causes harm to the nursing child.


How to Take Dostinex


The drug should be taken according to the recommendations and instructions provided by your healthcare provider. It’s prohibited to increase or decrease the dose on your own, without consultations with a professional. Before the intake your doctor will make you undergo some tests to make sure there are no heart issues which may prevent you from safe therapy with cabergoline.


Take the medication twice a week for at least 6 months, but keep in mind that Dostinex isn’t for daily use. During the therapy prolactin levels have to be measured constantly, even several months after you stop taking the drug.


Side Effects


Like any other medication, Dostinex may trigger adverse reactions if the drug is misused or the dose is increased. The most common ones include the following:



 Hot flashes;

 Vomiting, nausea, indigestion, gas, constipation;



 Tingly feeling or numbness;


 Dry mouth;


Stop the intake of Dostinex and contact your doctor immediately if you have noticed the symptoms of more severe side effects, which include, but are not limited to the following:


 Lower back pain;

 Weakness or tiredness;

 Sudden weight loss;

 Appetite loss;

 Urinating less or no urinating at all;

 Dry cough;

 Discomfort in the chest;

 Exertion or feeling short of breath;

 Swelling of the feet and ankles;

 Feeling like you may lose consciousness, etc.


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