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Diflucan is an effective antifungal medication, which active ingredient, Fluconazole, provides a drastic impact on the fungus, eliminating its influence on the organism. The remedy helps decrease the symptoms of fungal infection and stop invasion to other parts of the body. Diflucan is used to treat fungal issues appeared in the throat, mouth, bladder, genital area, lungs, blood and others. Additionally, Diflucan is used to warn fungal infection in patients with a weakened immune system due to bone marrow transplant, cancer treatment or different diseases. The drug can be administered off-label for other instances, not mentioned in the information leaflet.


Instructions for Diflucan Administration


Taking Diflucan as determined by the doctor increases your chances of a successful treatment course. The treatment should not be used in lower or higher dose, neither for a prolonged course. Diflucan dose will depend on numerous factors, such as treated condition, age of the patient, type of infection and others. The medication can be administered with or without food, but on a daily basis. Skipping doses may aggravate the condition and show no positive results. Diflucan should be used for a complete course adjusted by the doctor, as the signs of the disorder may disappear earlier than it is fully cleared from the organism. If you skip doses, you advance the chances of further infection, which will be antifungal drugs resistant.


Precautions, Warnings and Contraindications for Diflucan Intake


Do not start the treatment course if you are not sure it will be beneficial. The treatment can cause severe reactions and side effects if misused or overused. Do not start the treatment course if you are sensitive to the active ingredients of the remedy. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should discuss the therapy with the doctor. Besides, it is essential to warn a medical specialist about other health problems and complications that bother you, especially:


 Kidney or liver dysfunctions;



 Heart rhythm issues;

 Long QT syndrome and others.


Diflucan and Other Drugs: Reactions and Possible Complications


As any other drug, the medication can interact with certain prescription and non-prescription medications, herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals. Thus, provide the doctor with details of other courses you are currently taking, paying exceptional attention to:


 Blood thinners;

 Cholesterol drugs;



 Oral diabetes medications;

 Narcotic pain remedies;

 Cancer treatments and others.


Seek emergency medical assistance if Diflucan intake resulted in any abnormalities, especially allergic reactions. Call your doctor to report other mild to severe side effects, such as:



 Symptoms of liver impairments;

 Abnormal bleeding;

 Severe skin conditions;

 Skin rash, etc.


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