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Detrol is a medication that improves urodynamics. Detrol contains tolterodine, which is a competitive blocker of M-cholinergic receptors of the bladder and salivary glands. The drug action is based on connecting to these receptors. The pronounced effect of tolterodine on bladder function was also noted for healthy volunteers. This drug has a proven spasmolytic effect on the urinary tract. Detrol reduces the incidence of urination, eliminates urinary incontinence and somewhat reduces the average urination volume. Tolterodine has virtually no effect on the Q-T interval.


The therapeutic effect of the drug is noted in 4 weeks after the start of treatment. The active component of Detrol is well absorbed in the digestive tract and reaches a peak of its concentration in the plasma in 1-3 hours. Detrol is metabolized in the liver. Its active ingredient is excreted mainly by kidneys, more than 17% is excreted by the intestine. An increase in plasma concentration of unchanged tolterodine is noted for patients who suffer from hepatic dysfunction. Patients with reduced renal function may have an increase in the half-life of tolterodine.


Indications for Use


This medication is usually prescribed to patients with overactive bladder syndrome and health conditions related to this disease.


Method of Administration and Dosage


Usually doctors prescribe a normal dose which is 4 mg per day. This dose should be separated into two intakes (for example, 2 mg in the morning and 2 mg in the evening). If you experience any unwanted symptoms or strange effects, you should consult your healthcare provider and reduce the dose to 1 mg 2 times a day. Usage of the drug does not depend on food intake.


After 6 months of therapy the need for further treatment should be evaluated by your doctor. Detrol is not recommended for children (younger than 18 years old), since safety and efficacy have not yet been studied for this group of patients. It should be also prescribed with caution to patients who have some problems with liver or kidneys.


Side Effects


Detrol may cause such conditions as dry skin and mucous membranes, dyspepsia and enlarged glands. Some of the most common side effects are listed below:





 Xerophthalmia (dry eye);

 Visual impairment;

 Disturbance of accommodation;


 Dyspepsia and constipation;

 Pain in the neck and head;

 Peripheral edema.


Among other side effects anaphylactic reactions with angioedema and heart failure should be mentioned, but they are very rare. Treatment with this group of drugs may be accompanied by palpitation and arrhythmia.




If you have any of the diseases mentioned below, you should avoid the use of Detrol:


 Urination delay;

 Closed-angle glaucoma that cannot be treated;

 Myasthenia gravis;

 Hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the drug components;


 Pregnancy or lactation.




Symptoms: violation of accommodation, painful urge to urinate. Treatment: gastric lavage, reception of activated charcoal.


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