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Due to the innovative and highly powerful properties of Cyclophosphamide, the active ingredient of the drug, it can fight diverse types of cancer. The remedy influences the development and spreading of cancer cells within the body. Thus, the treatment is prescribed mainly to patients, who are diagnosed with numerous cancer types. Besides, it is sometimes used to eliminate the signs of nephrotic syndrome in children. Cytoxan can be administered for other purposes, not specified in the medical guide. Consult your doctor before off-label drug use.


Safety Instructions for Cytoxan Therapy


It is ultimately important to consult a medical specialist before the medication intake. Provide your healthcare professional with detailed information about your current health state and all the health peculiarities in order to get a correct individualized prescription. Follow the adjusted measures, so that you get a safe and successful course without potential complications. You should never advance or decrease the dose, but take the prescribed one.


Cytoxan is available in the form of pills and liquid, so you need to administer the one, recommended by your healthcare provider. It is inevitable to consume much water during the therapy in order to prevent devastating influence on the bladder. There is a certain risk of decreased blood cell count as a result of the medicine intake, so your blood may be frequently tested.


Contraindications, Warnings and Possible Drug Interactions


Do not administer the remedy unless your doctor advises the therapy. Do not use Cytoxan if you are allergic to its ingredients or related pharmaceuticals. Patients with severe symptoms of bone marrow suppression are also contraindicated for the drug use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not approved for the intake of this revolutionary treatment due to the ultimate risk of negative influence on the health of an unborn and nursing child.


Warn your medical specialist about all the other underlying or accompanying health problems you have, especially:


 Liver disorders;

 Weak immune system;

 Recent or active infection;

 Kidney impairments;

 Heart-related disorders, etc.


Specific medications can also trigger certain side effects and Cytoxan reactions. Make sure your healthcare provider is aware of all the prescription and generic drugs, herbal supplements, minerals and similar pharmaceuticals, especially:


 Treatments of autoimmune disorders;


 Psoriasis medication;

 Rheumatoid arthritis therapy and others.


Cytoxan Misuse and Related Health Problems


Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed any symptoms of severe adverse reactions triggered by Cytoxan use. Pay exceptional attention to:


 Headache, thirst, weakness and abnormal weakness;

 Bleeding and easy bruising;

 Chest discomfort and pain;


 Serious skin reactions, etc.


Additionally, report other, milder complications to your doctor, striving to prevent further complications.


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