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Being classified as a non-hormonal medication, Confido is a fully safe male health treatment. The active ingredients of the potential medication interfere with main centers of sex organs and brain, reducing anxiety and advancing calmness. As a result, the key male functions, necessary for a successful and pleasurable sex life, are activated and fully functioning. Considering the powerful influence Confido promotes of the organism, it can be prescribed to various patients with sex-related complications, especially:


 Erectile dysfunction;

 Premature ejaculation;


 Nocturnal emission and others.


Besides, the treatment increases the overall quality of sexual performance, desire and libido, boosting other properties. Additionally, Confido works balancing normal sperm production, inhibiting nocturnal emission and fighting premature ejaculation. You can take Confido off-label for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. However, doctor’s supervision is inevitable during such an intercourse.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions for Drug Use


Contact your healthcare specialist primarily to the treatment course. Warn your doctor about all the illnesses and dysfunctions you are diagnosed with. Special dose adjustment may be required in some instances, in order to get the maximal effect without complications. Do not trigger the drug course if you are sensitive to its ingredients. Confido is male treatment only, so no women and children should take the drug.


Safe Dosage and Other Intake Specifications


The vital point in the therapy is administering the drug in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and safety instructions. You should never change the adjusted dose, since it can stimulate the appearance of dangerous health reactions. Despite Confido course is individually prescribed to each patient, based on his health condition, severity of the bothering issue and related factors, the general dose reaches 1 tablet used two times a day. Most commonly, the treatment course lasts for 2-4 weeks, depending on body response to the drug.


Possible Side Effects and Adverse Reactions from Confido Use


Irrespective of the natural composition of the drug and its positive influences on the body functioning, Confido misuse or overuse can result in dangerous side effects and abnormalities. You need to follow the doctor’s prescription and other safety instructions in order to eliminate related risks. Make sure you are not contraindicated for Confido use.


Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed severe abnormalities or allergic reactions, activated by the medicine intake. Among other serious health impairments triggered by Confido are:


 Kidney problems;

 Symptoms of liver disorders;

 Decreased blood pressure and others.


Tell your healthcare provider about minor to moderate complications as well, since some of them may aggravate and become bothersome, if not improved.


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