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Where to buy Combivent online?




It’s a metered-dose inhaler that contains a specific combination of ipratropium and albuterol. The latter one is an effective bronchodilator that works by relaxing muscles in airways, thus, increasing the air flow into lungs. Nowadays, Combivent is used as an effective inhaled medicine to prevent bronchospasms in patients who have COPD and take other meds to control this condition.


What to Do before Using Combivent


Don’t use this inhaler if you have any allergies to its active ingredients. Before starting this treatment, inform doctors if you have any serious medical conditions, such as:


 Hypertension and diabetes;

 Seizures and heart diseases;

 Coronary artery disease and overactive thyroid;

 Enlarged prostate and glaucoma;

 Liver and kidney problems;

 Urination issues.


It’s not clearly known if Combivent is harmful to unborn babies and whether it passes into the breast milk, so pregnant and nursing women should be cautious when using it.


How to Use Combivent Correctly


You need to use this inhaler as directed by your physician. Don’t take smaller or larger amounts, because this medicine may increase a risk of asthma-related death. It comes with detailed instructions for its effective and safe use, so follow all directions attentively. You need to keep track of inhaled sprays and keep this inhaler clean. After inhaling Combivent, hold your breath for a while. Inform doctors if it doesn’t seem to work in preventing asthma attacks. To ensure that this medicine really helps your medical condition without causing any harmful effects, lung functioning must be tested on a regular basis. Sometimes, blood tests are also required. You need to throw a canister after 200 sprays. Once you suspect overdosing, it’s necessary to get emergency medical help. Overdosing is indicated by such severe symptoms as:


 Pounding and fast heartbeats;

 Chest pain and extreme thirst;

 Limp feeling and muscle weakness;

 Weak pulse and buzzing in ears;

 Slow breathing and fainting.


If this medication gets into the eyes, you need to rinse them with enough water. Combivent may rarely cause blurred vision and impair normal reactions and thinking, so be attentive when driving or doing other activities.


Possible Side Effects


Get emergency medical help once you develop any signs of allergies, including difficulty breathing, hives and swelling. You need to stop its use and call your doctor immediately if you have:


 Chest pain and fluttering in the chest;

 Pounding heartbeats and breathing issues;

 Swelling of feet or ankles;

 High blood pressure and severe headaches;

 Eye pain and other vision changes;

 Difficult and painful urination;

 Low potassium levels.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


There are certain meds that may interact with Combivent, including urinary and bladder drugs, water pills, blood pressure or heart medications, other bronchodilators, diet pills, stimulants, ADHD meds and some others.


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