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Colospa is prescribed by doctors to treat specific esophagus and stomach health issues, including ulcers and acid reflux. This medication works by reducing the acid amount in your stomach, thus, relieving such unwanted symptoms as difficulty swallowing, heartburn, persistent cough and others. Colospa helps users heal their acid damage to the esophagus and stomach and prevent ulcers. It belongs to a group of drugs called PPIs, or proton pump inhibitors.


How to Use Colospa


This medicine should be taken orally, 1 hour before regular meals. Your regular dosage should be based on a certain medical condition and individual response. It’s not allowed to increase doses without consulting doctors. You need to take Colospa regularly and at the same time each day.


Unwanted Side Effects


When undergoing this treatment, some patients may experience abdominal pain and headaches. If any of these side effects persist, you need to inform your physician at once. The good news is that most patients taking Colospa don’t have any severe side effects. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, you need to get emergency medical help:


 Worsening or new joint pain;

 Rash on cheeks and nose;

 Seizures and persistent muscle spasms;

 Heartburn with sweating, dizziness and lightheadedness;

 Unexplained weight loss and arm or jaw pain;

 Bloody vomit and frequent chest pain;

 Pain or difficulty swallowing food;

 Black or bloody stools;

 Irregular, slow or fast heartbeats.


Colospa may rarely lead to a serious intestinal condition because of a certain bacteria type. You should stop its intake if you experience such symptoms as:


 Mucus or blood in your stools;

 Stomach or abdominal pain or cramping;

 Persistent diarrhea and others.


In rare cases the intake of Colospa may lead to vitamin B12 deficiency and allergic reactions.


Basic Precautions


Before you start this treatment, let your physician know your allergies and other health conditions, especially lupus and liver problems. The use of Colospa may increase the risk of having bone fractures, especially in older patients, with longer use or at high doses. Besides, children are prone to be more sensitive to its side effects, especially cough, fever and different infections. Pregnant and nursing women should be very careful with this medication.


Possible Drug Interactions


They are dangerous, because they change the way medications work in the human body while increasing a possible risk of severe side effects. For example, don’t use Colospa together with rifampin, some antifungals, nelfinavir and some others. It’s not allowed to take any meds that contain omeprazole when undergoing this treatment. In addition, Colospa may interfere with specific lab tests and cause their false results. That’s why you need to inform doctors about any other drugs that you’re taking, including prescription and over-the-counter meds, herbal supplements and even vitamins.


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