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Where to buy Colchicine online?




Colchicine is an innovative medication, which is aimed at pain and swelling treatment. The active components of the medication interfere with the way the body responds to uric acid crystals. Additionally, the pharmaceutical is widely used to warn gout flares in adults. Signs of Behcets syndrome and gouty arthritis can also be eliminated with the medication. Consult your medical specialist if you want to use the drug off-label, for purposes not mentioned in the safety leaflet.


Issues to Tell the Doctor before the Treatment Course


Do not start Colchicine use if you are sensitive to its components. Severe side effects and life-threatening reactions may occur if you are combining Colchicine course with other treatments, especially:


 HIV and AIDS drugs;







 Telithromycin and others.


Besides, to ensure a safe course, a patient should inform a healthcare provider about all the other illnesses, health disorders and abnormalities he/she has, especially:


 Kidney complications;

 Liver disorders;

 Heart problems, etc.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid Colchicine use, as it can bear potential harm to an unborn and nursing child.


How to Take the Maximal Benefit from Colchicine Therapy


Using the treatment in accordance with safety considerations determined by the doctor and other issues mentioned on the information leaflet, you increase your chances of getting a safe and effective course. Colchicine doses may vary depending on numerous factors, such as overall health state, other pharmaceuticals used, severity of the disorder and others. Nevertheless, 1.2 mg taken orally is an average dose sufficient for a positive effect. Keep in mind that increasing the dose is not always equal to advancing the effect. Instead, an advanced dose can trigger devastating reactions and unwanted side effects.


Striving to treat gout attack, the medication should be administered right the moment you have noticed the first symptoms. The second, lower dose may be required an hour within the beginning of an attack. Undergo a complete treatment course prescribed by a medical specialist in order to benefit from the wanted effects. Several medical tests may be necessary for people using Colchicine on a long-term basis.


Colchicine Side Effects and Abnormalities


As any other effective medication, Colchicine may activate a range of mild to severe side effects. The most common ones include:



 Nausea, constipation, vomiting;

 Stomach pain and discomfort;

 Headache and others.


Call your doctor if you have got any signs of the disorder from the drug intake. Seek emergency medical assistance if the therapy has resulted in allergic reactions or other devastating abnormalities, such as:


 Severe muscle weakness or pain;

 Tingling or numbness;

 Abnormal bleeding or bruising;

 Severe nausea or vomiting, etc.


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