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Where to buy Codeine online?




Codeine is widely appreciated as a quality opioid pain treatment. The medication is aimed at improvement of mild to moderate pain. Additionally, due to its powerful composition, Codeine can be taken in a range of other conditions, not listed in the safety guide. Make sure your healthcare specialist has approved the treatment for your exact instance.


Safety as Primary Concern: Contraindications, Warnings and Drug Interactions


Start the medication course with doctor’s consultation in order to achieve the desirable results and make sure the drug will not promote harmful reactions. Your doctor should be aware of all the illnesses and disorders you have, especially:


 Kidney or liver issues;

 Underactive thyroid;

 Low blood pressure;

 Pancreas or gallbladder disorders;

 Enlarged prostate;

 Asthma, sleep apnea and other breathing disorders;

 Blockage within your digestive tract;

 Alcohol or drug addiction, etc.


Never start Codeine use if you are allergic to its ingredients or have frequent asthma attacks, intestinal or stomach blockage, hyperventilation and serious breathing disorders.  The treatment is not approved for children younger than 12 years old. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should eliminate Codeine use due to possible child’s dependence on the ingredients of the drug.


Certain prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal supplements and other pharmaceuticals may interact with Codeine, activating unwanted reactions and devastating health impairments. Therefore, inform your physician about all the treatments you are currently using. Exceptional attention should be paid to:


 Mental illness treatments;

 Medications to treat migraine headaches, depression, Parkinson’s disease and severe infections;

 Drugs, which slow down breathing and make a patient sleepy;

 Medications, which influence serotonin levels within the body;

 Other narcotic pain treatments.


Achieving Maximally Safe Results: Instructions and Doses


Follow the doctor’s prescription without any changes if you strive to get flawless effects. The drug can stimulate the appearance of serious health disorders, so you should never advance or decrease its dose, term of the therapy or related issues. Codeine can be habit-forming, so the slightest drug misuse can trigger the symptoms of overdose, addiction and death.


Codeine can be administered with milk or food to avoid stomach discomfort. You need to drink much water during the course in order to stay hydrated and prevent different stomach impairments. Sudden stop of Codeine use can result in dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Codeine dose will differ, according to the peculiarities of the patient’s health. On average, the maximal dose can reach 360 mg each 24 hours.


Misuse Outcomes and Possible Consequences


Search immediate medical assistance if Codeine intake has resulted in allergic reactions or other serious health problems. Tell your doctor about such milder complications as:


 Decreased heart rate;



 Lightheadedness, etc.


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