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Where to buy Clonidine online?




Clonidine is available under different trade names, including Kapvay, Catapres, Clophelin, Nexiclon and others. It has been successfully used for treatment of different conditions for more than forty years.


What Is Clonidine


Clonidine is a medication that is able to lower blood pressure by affecting certain chemicals in the blood. Due to this, blood vessels relax, and heart starts beating more slowly. It is important to remember that Clonidine does not cure hypertension, but helps control it.


This drug can be used for the treatment of other health conditions, including the following:


 Attention deficit disorder;

 Menopausal flushing;


 Anxiety disorders;

 Tic disorders;


 Withdrawal symptoms;


 Certain pain conditions.


How to Use It


This medication should be prescribed by a healthcare provider. In order to determine the right dosage for a particular patient, a doctor will take different factors into consideration. During the treatment, the dosage can be changed several times to find the best option.


If you use an extended-release tablet, you should swallow it without cutting, crushing or chewing. Immediate-release and extended-release tablets differ one from another, and that is why you should not switch them unless it is recommended by your healthcare provider. If you use oral suspension, you should shake the bottle for several seconds before you take the medication. Make sure that you use the right device to measure your dose.


How to Take This Medication Safely


You should not use this medicine if its components cause an allergic reaction. Before prescribing you with Clonidine, your doctor will want to make sure that you can use it safely. You have to tell him or her if you have the following health conditions:



 Heart disease or severe CAD;

 Low blood pressure;

 Slow heartbeats;

 History of stroke or heart attack;

 Kidney disease.


Do not take this medication during pregnancy or breastfeeding without consulting your healthcare provider.


What Side Effects It May Cause


This drug may cause different side effects with the following being the most common ones:



 Dry mouth;





 Sleep problems;

 Mood changes;


 Ear pain and others.


Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you have at least one of the following severe side effects:


 Rapid weight gain;


 Slow heart rate;


 Fast heartbeats;


 Flu symptoms;

 Shortness of breath;

 Urination problems.


How to Use It with Other Medications


Take Clonidine with other medicines wisely and only under the supervision of your healthcare provider, because drug interaction may lead to severe side effects. There are many medications that are known to interact with Clonidine, including the following:











 Protriptyline and others.


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