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Cleocin Gel

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Cleocin gel is a popular medication used to treat acne, and it works by helping to reduce the number of acne lesions. This drug belongs to a group of meds called antibiotics, and it works by stopping the growth of harmful bacteria.


What to Do before Using Cleocin Gel


Before you start this treatment, let doctors know if you have any possible allergic reactions to Cleocin gel or other similar drugs. Doctors also need to be informed about your medical history, especially if you have very loose stools, ulcerative colitis, regional enteritis and Crohn’s disease. Before using this gel, make a full list of other medications that you’re taking and show it to your physician. Consider all vitamins, minerals, natural products, herbal supplements, over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Drug interactions should be avoided, because they increase a possible risk of side effects and affect the right absorption of Cleocin gel.


Important Things to Know


Tell all healthcare providers about the use of Cleocin gel, including dentists, nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. It’s not allowed to use any special coverings, such as dressings and bandages, unless it’s directed by your physician. Usually, it takes about a few weeks to see the full benefit of this treatment. There are certain symptoms that can be present when using this gel, including bloody diarrhea and colitis. Call doctors if you experience any stomach cramps or pain, watery or very bad diarrhea. This medication may cause harm if you swallow it. Tell doctors if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding to be on a safe side.


How to Use Cleocin Gel


Use this medicine according to the directions given by your physician and follow all the instructions precisely. Don’t miss regular doses to get the most out of this treatment. Wash your hands before and after using Cleocin gel only on the skin. Clean the affected skin area before each use and make it dry. A thin layer of gel should be put on affected zones. It’s not allowed to use two doses at the same time or any additional doses.


Possible Side Effects


Just like many other pharmaceutical products, the use of Cleocin gel is associated with certain side effects. Although reactions are rare, some patients may end up with severe adverse reactions when using this medicine. You need to stop taking it and call your doctor once you experience the following troubling symptoms:


 Signs of allergies, including hives, skin rash, itching, swelling and others;

 Difficulty talking and breathing;

 Swelling and unusual hoarseness;

 Wheezing and peeling skin;

 Tightness in your throat and chest;

 Very bad irritation on affected areas.


The good news is that most patients who use Cleocin gel have no side effects, or their reactions are very mild. Get medical help once you experience the following troubling adverse reactions that don’t go away:


 Itching and burning;

 Irritation where the medication is applied;

 Redness and dry skin;

 Oily skin.


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