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Celebrex is an effective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that features considerable hormone reduction, thus, eliminating pain and inflammation related to certain health conditions. The active component of the drug, Celecoxib, also helps balance such issues, as menstrual pain, arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Additionally, the remedy can be used for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis treatment in adults and children above 2 years old. Moreover, Celebrex can promote a positive impact on hereditary polyps treatment, as well as a range of other health problems. Contact your medical specialist to start off-label Celebrex course.


Safety Issues before the Drug Intake: Warnings, Contraindications and Precautions


Promoting a drastic impact on the organism, the remedy has numerous contraindications. First of all, the medication can trigger the life-threatening heart attack or stroke, especially in case you administer the drug in high doses or during a long term. Additionally, the treatment is not advised for patients, who have preplanned heart bypass surgery. Stomach and intestinal bleeding can also occur while using Celebrex. Thus, do not take the pharmaceutical, if you:


 Have intestinal or stomach bleeding;

 Are allergic to the components of the medication;

 Are pregnant or breastfeeding;

 Have a history of allergies or asthma attacks associated with NSAID use;

 Are under 2 years old.


Besides, special dose adjustment may be necessary if a person if diagnosed with any of these health disorders, including:



 Stroke, heart attack, blood clots;

 Fluid retention;

 Kidney or liver disease;

 Stomach bleeding or ulcers, etc.


Celebrex Combinations with Other Medications


Do not administer the medication together with other drugs, unless your doctor recommends you so. Celebrex can cause serious interactions, if used together with:



 Other NSAIDs;

 Steroid drugs;

 Blood thinners;

 Water pills;

 Lithium and numerous others.


How to Achieve the Maximal Effect


It is essential to use the medication in the exact dose and for the exact period prescribed by a medical specialist. Celebrex doses will differ greatly, depending on severity of the bothering condition, contraindications, possible drug interactions and several other factors. However, 400 mg Celebrex a day is an average effective dose to balance related disorders and eliminate pain and inflammation. Take the drug with or without food, though use it regularly for the maximal effect. Medical tests may be required if you use Celebrex for a long term.


Possible Misuse Complications and Side Effects


Seek emergency medical help if Celebrex course activated allergic reactions or other dangerous signs, including:


 Severe skin reactions;

 Devastating kidney or liver impairments;

 Stomach bleeding;

 The abnormal rate of red blood cells and others.


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