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Celadrin is a medication that works by reducing excitotoxicity and inhibiting the chemicals inducing inflammation in the human body. It also reduces the synthesis of inflammatory markers and protects normal mitochondrial functions. Nowadays, there are many patients who take Celadrin to treat such conditions as chronic back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, age-related macular degeneration. Find out more about its common uses, possible interactions and side effects.


Most Common Uses of Celadrin


This medication is taken to control, treat, prevent and improve such health conditions as:


 Dementia and heart disease;

 Hypertension and eye disease;

 ADHD and coronary artery disease;

 Depression and mental disorders.


How Celadrin Works


The intake of Celadrin helps patients improve their health condition by performing the following important functions:


 Reducing the synthesis of inflammatory markers;

 Inhibiting chemicals that cause inflammation in the body;

 Protecting normal mitochondrial functions and decreasing excitotoxicity.


This medicine is available in a variety of strengths, so choose the most suitable one for your health needs after consulting doctors.


Possible Mild and Severe Side Effects


Just like other pharmaceutical products, Celadrin may cause specific adverse reactions, but they are rare. If any of these symptoms get worse, you need to stop taking this drug and get medical help as soon as possible:


 Muscle, joint and back pain;

 Gastrointestinal discomfort and bloating;

 Heartburn and allergic reactions;

 Diarrhea and nausea;

 Vomiting and eructation;

 Sudden weight loss or weight gain;

 Abdominal distension.


Important Celadrin Precautions


Before you start taking this medication, you need to inform your physician about any other drugs that you’re taking and pre-existing medical conditions to be on a safe side. The main reason is some health conditions and medications can make you more susceptible to the adverse effects caused by Celadrin. You need to take it according to the directions given by doctors and the label. The right dosage is based on your individual tolerance and medical condition. If you have any of the following conditions, report them to your doctor before starting this treatment:


 Bipolar disorder and bleeding problems;

 Aspirin sensitivity and cirrhosis;

 Diabetes and breastfeeding;

 Ulcers and depression;

 Major depressive disorders and breast cancer;

 Pregnancy or planning to get pregnant.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


There are certain meds that shouldn’t be taken along with Celadrin because of possible drug interactions. They should be avoided, because they change the way it works and lead to severe side effects. Don’t take Celadrin along with such drugs as Aspirin, Furosemide, Warfarin, Diclofenac and some others. Make a list of all the other meds that you’re using, including herbal supplements and minerals.


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