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Belonging to a group of alpha-adrenergic medications, Cardura can trigger a considerable impact on the arteries and veins relaxation, leading to better blood flow passing through them. It also helps to relax the bladder neck and prostate muscles, simplifying the urination process. Cardura is an effective remedy to eliminate the symptoms of hypertension and decrease urination disorders in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Additionally, the medication can be taken off-label for other instances, not mentioned in the safety guide.


How to Use Cardura Right: Directions and Doses


Consult your doctor before the treatment course and make sure you do not have any restrictions and contraindications. Based on the provided information, your doctor will adjust proper dose and other instructions, suiting your condition. Follow the prescription and you are likely to achieve the desirable effects. Never decrease or increase the dose, duration of the course or other therapy features. Sudden stop of Cardura intake may activate serious withdrawal symptoms. A patient who uses Cardura can experience significant blood pressure drop, which has dizziness, fainting and sweating as the main symptoms. Thus, be careful while standing from the lying or sitting position. Blood pressure should be checked often during the treatment course. To achieve positive results, proper Cardizem dose is inevitable. On average, it varies from 1 mg to 16 mg a day.


Cardura Safety Concerns: Precautions, Warnings and Contraindications


Never start hypertension treatment course with Cardura if you are sensitive to its ingredients or other medications from alpha-adrenergic group. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the drug use, as it can significantly harm the health of a nursing and unborn child. Warn your healthcare provider about all the other diseases, abnormalities and illnesses you have, especially:


 Low blood pressure;

 Severe vomiting, constipation or other stomach disorder;

 Digestive tract blockage;

 Kidney or liver impairments, etc.


Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals


Several types of prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and other pharmaceuticals may interfere with Cardura course, stimulating the occurrence of unwanted reactions and side effects. Make sure your doctor is aware of all the remedies you are currently taking, especially:




 HIV/AIDS medications;

 Erectile dysfunction medications, etc.


Cardura Adverse Reactions and Possible Misuse Outcomes


Report any complications and abnormalities from Cardura therapy to your healthcare provider. The medication can trigger both mild to severe reactions. Seek emergency medical assistance if you have got any symptoms of allergic reactions or other devastating consequences, such as:


 Stomach pain;


 Breathing issues;

 Chest pain, etc.


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