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Calan is an innovative drug, which belongs to a group of calcium channel blockers. Verapamil, being an active ingredient of the medication, helps to relax the heart and blood vessel muscles, improving the symptoms of high blood pressure. Generally, the drug is used to eliminate signs of hypertension, angina and other heart-related abnormalities. Besides, Calan can be taken off-label for purposes not specified in the safety guide.


Warnings, Contraindications and Other Safety Considerations Associated with Calan Use


Discuss the beginning of the medication intake with your doctor in order to ensure a completely safe course. The treatment has a wide range of restrictions and specifications, so make sure you meet none of them. Do not start the therapy if you:


 Are allergic to its active ingredients;

 Have heart rhythm problems;

 Have severe heart failure;

 Are diagnosed with AV block, sick sinus syndrome or similar conditions.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not approved for the medication intake, unless a healthcare provider recommends it. It is inevitable to warn the doctor about all the other health impairments and illnesses you have, as it will help to prescribe a proper dose suiting your condition. Pay ultimate attention to:


 Liver disease;

 Low blood pressure;

 Congestive heart failure;

 Kidney disorder;

 Nerve-muscle problems, etc.


Calan with Other Treatments


As any other potential drug, Calan can interact with some prescription and generic remedies, minerals, vitamins, herbal supplements and other pharmaceutical products, triggering numerous side effects and unwanted reactions. Besides, wrong Calan combinations can completely eliminate its positive effect. Tell your doctor about the following medications, you use, if any:






 Tuberculosis remedies;

 Seizure pills;

 Drugs to lower cholesterol levels;

 High blood pressure treatment;



 St.John’s wort remedies and others.


Recommendations for Top-Notch Calan Course


Use Calan in accordance with the instructions and safety concerns. Never take the remedy in higher or lower doses. Avoid prolonged therapy, as it bears a risk of side effects stimulation. Tell your doctor if the dose is not sufficient for a positive effect or you feel abnormalities due to the high dose. Your healthcare provider may occasionally change the adjustment. Check your blood pressure often during the treatment course. Besides, liver and kidney functions should be regularly tested. Do not stop the medication intake suddenly, as it can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms.


Unwanted Reactions and Dangerous Side Effects


Seek emergency medical help the moment you have noticed any abnormalities or disorders related to Calan misuse. The drug can stimulate the appearance of allergic reactions and a range of other problems, such as:




 Breathing complications;

 Lung disorders;

 Symptoms of liver issues, etc.


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