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Where to buy Cafergot online?




Cafergot is a medication that combines caffeine and ergotamine in its chemical formula. Caffeine belongs to a group of drugs called stimulants, and it works by narrowing blood vessels or causing vasoconstriction. Ergotamine belongs to a class of meds called ergot alkaloids, and it also works by narrowing blood vessels in the brain. This medication affects specific blood flow patterns responsible for certain headache types. That’s why Cafergot is taken by people to prevent or treat migraines, but it’s effective only against the headaches that have already started. This medicine isn’t intended to prevent migraines or reduce the number of attacks. Don’t take Cafergot for common tension headaches.


What Is Important to Know?


The intake of Cafergot can cause unwanted birth defects and harm unborn babies, so pregnant women aren’t allowed to take it. Visit doctors and inform them about any other serious health conditions that you have before starting this treatment, especially when it comes to hypertension, coronary heart disease, kidney or liver issues, blood circulation problems and sepsis. There are some meds that may cause dangerous drop in the blood flow when combined with Cafergot, so you need to avoid them. Don’t take it along with antifungals, heart pills, antibiotics, antidepressants, diet pills and stimulants. This medicine may pass to the breast milk, so nursing women shouldn’t use it.


How Should You Take Cafergot?


This drug is not intended for daily use, and you need to take 2 pills once you notice any bothering headache signs. If headaches don’t go away, take another pill after 30 minutes. However, it’s not allowed to take more than 6 tablets for a migraine attack. Patients shouldn’t take more than 10 tablets within 7 days. You should avoid overdosing and call your physician once you experience specific symptoms.


There are certain things that should be avoided when taking Cafergot. Don’t combine this drug with other migraine medications. Grapefruits may potentially interact with its active ingredients and result in unwanted adverse effects.


What Are Mild and Serious Side Effects?


Just like other drugs, Cafergot may cause certain adverse reactions, but most of them are mild and rare. You need to stop taking it and get emergency medical help if you have any symptoms of allergies, such as difficulty breathing, swelling and hives. Call your physician and get medical help once you experience the following symptoms:


 Numbness and tingling;

 Blue-colored toes and fingers;

 Weak pulses in legs and arms;

 Painful sores;

 Slow or fast heartbeats;

 Sudden weakness or numbness;

 Slurred speech and vision issues;

 Muscle pain and leg weakness;

 Severe back or stomach pain;

 No or only little urination;

 Chest pain and high blood pressure.


There are mild side effects caused by Cafergot, including nausea, vomiting, mild swelling or itching, dizziness, weakness and spinning sensations.


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