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Cabgolin, also referred to as cabergoline, is the medication that belongs to the group of dopamine receptor agonists and is used to treat increased levels of hormone prolactin, eliminating the symptoms of related health issues. Increased prolactin levels in women are an undesirable condition which is the cause of missed period, unwanted breast milk and may become an obstacle in becoming pregnant. In men, high levels of this hormone result in decreased sexual desire and enlarged breasts.


Safety Information


Before starting the treatment course with Cabgolin, make sure you have informed your doctor about the following conditions you may have:


 Allergy to cabergoline or any other ingredient of the drug;

 Allergy to similar medications as well as allergy to foods, certain drugs and other substances;

 History of fibrosis in the heart or lungs, or heart valve problems;

 High blood pressure;

 Intake of a range of drugs which are contraindicated for use together with cabergoline, including medications that treat migraines, mood and mental conditions, bowel or stomach disorders, etc.


The drug has to be taken twice a week, or as prescribed by your healthcare provider, with or without meals. If you have missed a dose, take it once you have remembered about it, but if it’s almost the time for the next one, you’d better skip it and return to your normal intake schedule. Never increase the dose without consulting a doctor or double it.


Cabgolin use may make you feel dizzy and cause lightheadedness, so it’s advisable to avoid operating machinery and driving right after its administration. For the same reason, you should get up slowly from lying or sitting position. The drug may be used during pregnancy but only if you doctor has recommended it. It is unknown what effects it may cause in nursing children, but the therapy with this drug may affect lactation or stop it at all, so doctor’s consultation before breastfeeding is vital.


Interactions with Other Drugs


Before starting the treatment course with cabergoline, it’s advisable to get all the safety recommendations from your doctor, which will also include interactions with other medicines. Some products which may interact with it include the following:




 Antipsychotic medicines, e.g. haloperidol, chlorpromazine, thiothixene;


 Antifungals, e.g. ketoconazole, itraconazole, posaconazole;

 HIV protease inhibitors, e.g. saquinavir, ritonavir;

 Cobicistat and others.


Adverse Reactions and Misuse Complications


The medication may be the cause of side effects occurrence, and Cabgolin is no exception. The following are mild side effects, which serve a normal reaction of the organism to a new medicine:





 Feeling weak or tired;

 Upset stomach.


If they do not pass or become bothersome, consult your healthcare provider.


Among rare and severe side effects, which require emergency medical assistance, may be the following ones:


 Chest, back and belly pain;

 Severe headache;

 Cough that doesn’t disappear;

 Signs of allergic reaction;

 Signs of kidney issues;

 Weakness in one side of the body;

 Behavior changes;

 Severe dizziness;

 Strong uncontrollable urges, which include desire to gamble, have sex, eat more, etc.;

 Shortness of breath;

 Swelling in legs or arms.


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