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Bystolic is a revolutionary beta-blocker, which is approved to promote a drastic impact on blood circulation and heart functioning. The treatment course is generally prescribed to people diagnosed with hypertension. The active ingredients of the pharmaceutical can lower the blood pressure, decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Additionally, Bystolic can be administered for other instances not mentioned in the safety guide.


Instructions for Safe Course


Using the drug as determined by a healthcare provider you advance your chances of getting a quality effect. Do not take Bystolic in higher or lower doses, neither for a longer or shorter course, as it can change the desired outcomes. Generally, the drug should be taken on a daily basis, preferably at the same time. The treatment can be used with or without food. Severe withdrawal symptoms, condition aggravations and decreased effects may occur in case a patient skips doses or suddenly stops the course. Visit the doctor regularly to track the progress of the therapy. You will also need frequent blood pressure checks. Mind that Bystolic is only a part of the complete course, which includes exercising, diet, weight management and other points.


Contraindications, Warnings and Similar Issues


Discuss the treatment course with your doctor before its beginning. Certain medical conditions may be contraindicated for the drug intake, since they will either aggravate or eliminate positive Bystolic reaction. Warn your doctor about the following abnormalities, including:


 Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, or other breathing disorders;

 Kidney or liver impairments;

 Heart related complications;


 Food or drug allergies;

 Thyroid imbalances;

 Circulation disorders;


Pheochromocytoma and others.


People with some of the conditions will just require proper dose adjustments, while others will not be approved for the medication intake. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the therapy.


Bystolic Interactions with Other Remedies


Certain types of prescription and non-prescription remedies, supplements and minerals can cause devastating side effects if combined with Bystolic. Report all the current treatment courses to your doctor, especially:




 Blood pressure medicines;


 Anti-malaria medications;

 HIV or AIDS drugs;

 Heart rhythm treatments;







 Digitalis, etc.


Possible Bystolic Reactions and Side Effects


Seek emergency medical help if Bystolic intake has triggered allergic reactions or any other severe disorders, especially uneven or short heartbeats, mild exertions and similar breathing disorders, swelling, numbness and others. Besides, you need to call your healthcare provider and tell about other, less severe disorders, especially:


 Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting;

 Stomach pain;



 Insomnia and others.


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