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Where to buy Benzac online?




Benzac is a medicine that has a good antibacterial and mild-drying effect which allows excess dirt and oil to be washed away from the skin easily. That’s why this drug is used by patients to treat acne.


What Information You Should Learn


The use of Benzac can cause rare and serious skin irritation or allergies. Stop using this medicine and call your doctor if you experience such symptoms as itching, hives, feeling lightheaded, difficulty breathing and swelling. There are certain things that doctors need to know before you start this treatment. Mention them in your medical history, especially if you have very sensitive skin. It’s not clearly known if Benzac harms unborn babies, so pregnant women should be careful when using this medicine. Nursing women should also be cautious when breastfeeding. This medication is not intended to be used by children without any prior medical advice.


How to Use Benzac Correctly


Use this drug according to the prescription given by your physician. Don’t take it in higher doses or for longer than needed. Before starting this treatment, you should apply a special test dose to determine if you have any unwanted reaction to Benzac. Apply small amounts to a few acne areas for a few days in a row. If you don’t experience any negative reaction, use the full prescribed amount.


Wash your hands before using this medicine, as clean and dry affected skin areas should be treated. Apply a thin layer and run it in gently, and remember that affected areas shouldn’t be covered, unless doctors direct that. Most patients apply Benzac 1-3 times a day based on the right dosage prescribed by physicians. This medicine can bleach fabrics and hair, so prevent it from coming into contact with clothes. Usually, it takes about a few weeks before improving symptoms, so keep using Benzac.


Avoid getting this medicine into your eyes or mouth. Don’t apply it on wounded, sunburnt, chapped, broken, dry or irritated skin. Wait until your skin gets healed before starting this treatment. Don’t use any skin products that cause irritation, including skin cleansers, harsh soaps, hair removers and others, especially if they contain astringents, spices and alcohol. Don’t use other skin medications unless it’s directed by your physician. Avoid being exposed to tanning beds or direct sunlight. Use effective sunscreens and wear protective clothes when you’re outdoors.


Possible Side Effects


Like other pharmaceutical products, Benzac may cause specific side effects, but most of them are mild and rare. Stop using it and call doctors if you have severe skin irritation or allergic signs. Get emergency medical help if you experience the following side effects:


 Severe redness and stinging;

 Skin peeling or swelling;

 Severe burning or itching.


Mild side effects caused by Benzac include the following:


 Tingling feeling and itching;

 Mild burning and stinging;

 Skin dryness, flaking or peeling;

 Redness and other skin irritations;

 Tingly feeling and itching.


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