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Benicar is an exclusive medication, which contains a powerful mix of Hydrochlorothiazide and Olmesartan, that double the effect and promote fast action. The first component of the treatment belongs to a group of thiazide diuretics and prevents the organism from abnormal salt absorption, while the second one is angiotensin II receptor antagonist, and it warns the process of blood vessels narrowing. Consequently, the remedy helps balance the blood flow, decrease blood pressure and treat related symptoms. Additionally, you can use Benicar off-label for other purposes not specified by the medical specialist.


Maximal Results with Minimal Effort: Instructions for Flawless Drug Intake


To achieve positive effects, a patient should start the medication intake with doctor’s instructions and recommendations. Then, it is important to follow the prescription, as it is the key to a successful therapy. Take Benicar in the exact dose determined by your doctor especially for your instance. Increased or decreased dose intake can lead to certain condition aggravations and similar problems. Benicar should be taken regularly for a complete term adjusted by the doctor. Your healthcare provider may request frequent blood checks and similar issues during the course. Ultimately low blood pressure may bother you during the treatment course. Contact your medical specialist if you have noticed the first signs of such conditions, especially nausea, vomiting and increased sweating.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


It is not recommended to start Benicar course in case patient is:


 Affected by diabetes or kidney issues;

 Allergic to its components;

 Diagnosed with urination impairments.


Special dose adjustment is necessary for pregnant and breastfeeding women. In addition, your doctor should be warned about other health problems, disorders and abnormalities you have, especially:



 Congestive heart failure;



 Abnormal potassium levels in the blood;


 Increased triglycerides or cholesterol level, etc.


Benicar Interactions with Other Drugs


The doctor should be aware of all the prescription and generic pharmaceuticals you have, since some of them may cause aggravating reactions and severe side effects, if combined with Benicar. The treatment should not be administered simultaneously with:


 Other blood pressure medications;

 Medications to lower cholesterol levels;




 Lithium, steroids and several other medication types.


Possible Reactions and Side Effects


Get immediate medical assistance if Benicar use has resulted in swelling, hives, problems breathing or similar symptoms of allergic reactions. Besides, call your doctor if other complications started bothering you, especially:


 Decreased potassium levels;


 Muscle tenderness, pain and weakness;

 Exertions, angina;

 Vision disorders and others.


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