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Benfotiamine is a man-made vitamin B1, and patients take it to treat different conditions related to low thiamine levels or thiamine deficiency syndromes, such as neuritis or inflammation or nerves, beriberi, pregnancy or pellagra. This medicine is also taken to treat specific digestive issues, including ulcerative colitis, poor appetite and ongoing diarrhea.


Common Uses


Benfotiamine is also taken to boost the immune system and treat such conditions as:


 Diabetic pain;

 AIDS and aging;

 Heart diseases and cerebellar syndrome;

 Alcoholism and vision issues.


Sometimes, Benfotiamine is also taken to improve athletic performance. Other common uses include preventing the progression of kidney diseases and cervical cancer in people with diabetes. Some patients take it to achieve the following goals:


 Maintaining their positive attitude;

 Increasing energy levels and improving learning abilities;

 Preventing memory loss and fighting stress.


Nowadays, healthcare providers give special Benfotiamine shots for different thiamine deficiency syndromes in sick people, coma and alcohol withdrawal. Vitamin B1 is required by the human body to use carbs properly, and that’s why patients start its intake.


Benfotiamine Safety and Possible Side Effects


This medication is comparatively safe when people take it orally in proper amounts. In rare cases, some users may end up with skin irritation and allergic reactions. Benfotiamine is also safe when it’s given intravenously by healthcare providers. Unfortunately, it may not enter the bodies of some people properly, because they have liver issues, drink a lot of alcohol and have other health conditions.


Special Warnings and Precautions


When it comes to breastfeeding and pregnancy, Benfotiamine is likely safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women, but it’s not allowed to exceed the recommended daily dose of 1.4 mg. If you take it with other pharmaceutical products, its effects may alter, thus, increasing the risk of possible side effects and causing meds not to work correctly. Inform doctors about other vitamins, drugs and herbal supplements that you’re taking to avoid unwanted drug interactions. Don’t take Benfotiamine with the following drugs:


 Oral contraceptives;

 Loop diuretics;

 Tricyclic antidepressants;



Before you start this treatment, report other health conditions that you have, because some of them can make you more susceptible to Benfotiamine adverse reactions. You should be careful if you have the following conditions:


 Pregnancy and breastfeeding;

 Blood clotting and bleeding disorders;

 Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease;

 Stomach ulcers with active bleeding.


Common Side Effects


Severe side effects are rare when taking this medication. Some of the most common reactions caused by Benfotiamine include:


 Moderate skin rash;



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