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Bactroban is approved to be an effective antibiotic. The active ingredient of the drug, Mupirocin, promotes a serious influence on the organism, restricting the process of further bacteria growth and spreading. The medication is available in several forms, so can be used for different conditions. However, generally, Bactroban is aimed at treatment of skin infections, including staph skin infection, impetigo and others. Besides, the drug can be administered off-label for conditions, not listed in the safety guide. Discuss such a course with your doctor to make sure you get a completely safe and helpful therapy.


Safety as Primary Concern: Contraindications, Warnings and Related Issues


Consult your doctor primarily to the beginning of the medication intake. Your healthcare specialist should get proper information about the overall health state and specifications of the current condition you have. Some disorders, health impairments and illnesses can contribute to the treatment course, either triggering unnecessary reactions or stimulating the occurrence of dangerous side effects.


Bactroban is not approved for people, who are allergic to the active component of the treatment or similar medications. Warn your medical specialist about current kidney problems you have. Probably special dose adjustment may be required. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should discuss Bactroban use with a professional medical specialist, as its composition is too powerful, so it can bear potential harm to the health of unborn and nursing children. Do not apply the cream to children under 3 months old. The ointment is not approved for children younger than 2 months old.


Using Bactroban Effectively


It is important to apply Bactroban exactly as directed by a medical specialist. Follow the recommendations and safety instructions mentioned on the safety leaflet. Increasing or decreasing the dose, you can block the positive medicine effect and activate dangerous side effects. The treatment is available in the form of cream and ointment, so it is not for oral use. Wash your hands carefully before and after the medication application.


Apply Bactroban to dry, clean skin only. Do not use the medication on open wounds, burns and other injured areas. Generally, a patient should use the drug 3 times a day for around 10 days. However, all the application specifications are individual, so they can be changed according to individual health peculiarities of a patient.


Side Effects and Possible Complications


Inform the doctor about prescription and non-prescription medications you use, as some of them can trigger unwanted reactions and dangerous side effects. Seek emergency medical assistance in case Bactroban intake has resulted in hives, swelling, rash, breathing disorders or similar problems. Tell your doctor about minor complications, including:


 Severe diarrhea, stomach pain or discomfort;

 Severe rash, itching and irritation of the affected skin;

 New or worsening skin infection, etc.


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