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Baclofen is a medication taken by patients to treat their muscle spasms caused by different conditions, including spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. Basically, it works by helping users relax their muscles.


Basic Directions


Take Baclofen orally, both with and without food, 3 times a day. To decrease a possible risk of side effects, start this treatment at lower doses that can be gradually increased. The right dosage is based on a specific medical condition and your individual response. It’s not allowed to take more than needed or increase regular doses. Use Baclofen regularly to benefit from its effects. In rare cases, patients may experience unwanted withdrawal symptoms, including seizures and hallucinations. To prevent them, you need to reduce your dosage gradually.


Possible Side Effects


Like many other drugs, Baclofen may cause certain side effects, but most of them are mild and include:


 Unusual tiredness and headaches;

 Dizziness and drowsiness;

 Nausea and difficulty sleeping;

 Constipation and increased urination.


If any of the above-mentioned symptoms get worse, you need to contact your doctor. Baclofen usually doesn’t cause any severe side effects. However, if you experience any of the following serious symptoms, go to the hospital immediately:


 Sudden mood and mental changes;

 Depression and confusion;

 Hallucinations and allergic reactions.


Important Baclofen Precautions


Before you start taking this medication, visit doctors and inform them if you have any possible allergy or other serious conditions, especially when it comes to kidney diseases, mood and mental disorders, like schizophrenia, different brain disorders, like stroke or seizures, and others. The intake of Baclofen can make you feel drowsy and dizzy, so it’s not advisable to drive or do other things that require your full alertness until they can be done safely. You also need to avoid any alcoholic beverages while using this drug. Older patients are more sensitive to the side effects caused by Baclofen, especially drowsiness, mood and mental changes and confusion. Nursing and pregnant women should be careful with its intake.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


All drug interactions may change the way meds work while increasing a possible risk of side effects, and that’s why they should be avoided by patients. Before you start using Baclofen, make sure that your doctor knows about other pharmaceutical products that cause drowsiness, including cough and opioid pain relievers, like hydrocodone and codeine, alcoholic beverages, pills for anxiety and sleep, muscle relaxants, antihistamines and others.


To avoid possible drug interactions, it’s necessary to let doctors know about other pills that you’re taking. You should make a full list of them all, including over-the-counter and prescription medications, herbal supplements, minerals and vitamins. Show it to your physician to be on a safe side while using Baclofen.


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