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Avalide is a revolutionary combination of Irbesartan and Hydrochlorothiazide, which promotes a drastic influence on the body potent to balance heart-related complications. The active components of the medication, being thiazide water pill and angiotensin II receptor antagonist, help to prevent the process of excess salt absorption by the organism. Additionally, it decreases the narrowing of blood vessels, advancing the blood flow and decreasing blood pressure.


As a result of this powerful effect. Avalide serves an approved hypertension treatment. Besides, it can be used off-label for a range of conditions, not specified in the information leaflet.


Recommendations for Flawless Avalide Intake


Discuss Avalide use with your doctor in order to prevent any abnormalities and possible side effects. The treatment should be used right as determined by the doctor. Certain complications may occur if the patient is increasing or decreasing the dose. It is up to the healthcare provider to change the adjustment to achieve maximal results. It is inevitable to check the blood pressure often during the therapy. Contact a qualified medical specialist if you experience ongoing diarrhea or vomiting related to Avalide use. Additionally, the signs of dehydration and abnormal sweating also require professional help. Keep using the drug for a complete term, even it you do not witness positive reactions or they have already occurred. The full course may take over 4 weeks.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions for Drug Use


Do not start Avalide therapy unless you are 100% it is safe for your overall health. The drug is not approved for people, who are sensitive to Hydrochlorothiazide or Irbesartan, as well as similar medications. People with urination difficulties and kidney dysfunctions should eliminate the medication use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women have an advanced risk of side effects occurrence. Besides, Avalide can severely impair the health of an unborn and nursing child. Provide your healthcare specialist with a list of other health considerations you have, especially:






 Increased triglyceride or cholesterol level;

 Liver impairment;


 Congestive heart failure and others.


Avoiding Avalide Interactions: Possible Misuse Reactions and Abnormalities


Do not take Avalide together with medications treating hypertension and related issues. Certain prescription and non-prescription drugs and supplements may stimulate devastating reaction occurrence if combined with Avalide. Avoid Lithium intake with the blood pressure treatment. Otherwise, you risk experiencing allergic reactions and other misuse side effects, such as:



 Abnormal thirst, dizziness, drowsiness, confusion;


 Breathing disorders;


 Urination complications, etc.


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