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Where to buy Ativan online?




Ativan, a benzodiazepine medication, is a brand name of Lorazepam. This prescription generic medication became available in 1977, and it is on the List of Essential Medicines of WHO. In order to take it safely, you should get to know initial information about it.


What Is It Prescribed For?


Like other benzodiazepines, Ativan influences the brain and CNS, allowing to reach a calming effect. This medicine can be prescribed for treatment of various health conditions, including the following:


 Anxiety disorders;

 Alcohol withdrawal symptoms;


 Active seizures;

 To avoid memory formation after surgery;

 Vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy.


Ativan can be combined with other medications to treat ACS caused by cocaine use.


How to Determine the Right Dosage of Ativan?


The medication can be taken by mouth or in the form of injections. The dose is determined for each patient separately, based on certain factors such as body weight, health conditions, etc.


The recommended starting dose of Ativan for treatment of anxiety is 2 mg a day, which may be increased up to 6 mg a day. The daily dose is divided into several parts, and taken as many times a day, as it is recommended by a healthcare provider.


Sublingual Ativan tablets should be placed under the tongue. Wait for about 20 seconds until the tablet is fully dissolved and do not swallow it for minimum 60 seconds to allow the medication to be fully absorbed into the body.


For people with seizures, this medication is used in the form of injections. The dose is determined based on body weight. In this case, the medication is administered in a hospital.


How to Use It Safely?


To make sure that you will use Ativan safely, you should tell your doctor if you have the following health conditions:


 Drug or alcohol abuse;

 Kidney disease;



 Liver disease;

 Any allergies;

 Pregnancy or intention to get pregnant during the use of this drug;



Ativan belongs to controlled substances, which means that it may cause addiction if used incorrectly. Avoid using alcohol along with this medication.


Does It Cause Side Effects?


Like any other medication, Ativan is able to cause different side effects, including the following most common ones:







 Muscle weakness;




 Skin rash and others.


Contact your healthcare provider if any severe side effects have occured, including:



 Suicidal thoughts;



 Fainting and others.


Can It Interact with Other Medications?


Ativan can interact with 810 different medications. 132 drugs in a combination with Ativan may cause major interactions, including:











 Fluoxetine and others.


581 medications may lead to moderate interactions, among which are:










 Diphenhydramine and others.


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