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Aspirin is a dependable and approved medication, which is classified as a salicylate. The active ingredients of the drug reduce body substances, which trigger inflammation, pain and fever. Therefore, the medication is commonly adjusted for patients, who suffer from fever or inflammation. In addition, the drug is effective in treatment of heart attacks, angina or stroke. However, using Aspirin for cardiovascular disorders, a patient should consult the doctor first and get full doctor’s supervision. Besides, Aspirin can be taken for a range of other conditions, not listed in the information leaflet. Talk to your healthcare specialist primarily to the beginning of off-label Aspirin use.


Safety as Main Consideration: Precautions, Warnings and Contraindications


Do not start the course without doctor’s consultation, as it is inevitable for a safe and flawless therapy.  The remedy is not approved for children and teenagers, currently experiencing the signs of chicken pox, fever or flu. Besides, the drug is not recommended for adult patients, who:


 Are hypersensitive to its ingredients;

 Have a history of serious allergic reactions or asthma attacks as a result of Aspirin use;

 Are diagnosed with intestinal or stomach bleeding.


Aspirin is not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as their children, so you need to avoid the medicine use during these periods.


Additionally, striving to guarantee a fully safe and effective therapy, a patient should provide the doctor with a full list of illnesses, disorders and health complications he/she has, with ultimate concern to:



 Liver disorders;

 Kidney impairments;

 Seasonal allergies;


 Blood clotting or bleeding disorders;

 Stomach ulcers;

 Advanced blood pressure;

 Congestive heart failure, etc.


Contributing to Safe Course: Instructions and Intake Directions


Follow the prescription and related safety recommendations throughout the whole therapy. You should never increase or decrease the adjusted dose, term of the therapy or other specifications. Otherwise, you can notice considerable side effects and harmful reactions associated with Aspirin misuse.


The medication works best if used with food. Never chew, crush or break the tablet, as it will lead to the medicine overdose. Swallow the tablet whole. Aspirin dose will vary greatly, since patients have different conditions and overall health states. However, an average initial dose is 3 g taken a day.


Aspirin Interactions and Possible Outcomes


Do not take Aspirin with other pharmaceuticals, unless your healthcare provider directs you so. Certain drug combinations can stimulate the occurrence of devastating health disorders and complications. Therefore, inform the physician about the drugs you are currently using, especially:


 Other salicylates;

 Blood thinners, etc.


Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed hives, breathing disorders, swelling or other abnormalities related to allergic reactions.


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