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An innovative composition of the remedy, as well as its powerful influence on the immune system helps the drug to decrease swelling and inflammation within the body. Due to potential Leflunomide influence, the treatment can treat mild to severe symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, the medication can be administered for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. Consult your doctor before off-label drug use, making sure it is completely safe and effective.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


You should not start the medication intake unless you have consulted a qualified medical specialist. Your doctor should be warned about specific health conditions you have, with ultimate attention to the ones, which can interfere with the treatment course.


Do not start Arava therapy if you are allergic to its active ingredients or similar treatments. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not approved for the medicine use due to the high risk of abnormal reaction on the health of an unborn and nursing child. Additionally, Arava should not be administered by patients with severe liver disorders. Patients using Teriflunomide should also avoid the medicine use. Besides, to guarantee a safe course, a patient should inform the doctor about all the accompanying and underlying health disorders, including:


 Tuberculosis or its history;

 Bone marrow disorders;

 Weak immune system;

 Hepatitis or its history;

 Uncontrolled or severe infection;

 Nerve disorders;

 Kidney impairments, etc.


Arava can decrease the effectiveness of your birth control drugs, so you may need to replace them with non-hormonal counterparts.


Arava Interactions with Other Treatments


There is a range of medications, which can interfere with Arava course, leading to serious health disorders or devastating side effects. Tell your doctor about the ongoing therapies you have, paying exclusive attention to:






 Arthritis treatments;

 Seizure medications;

 HIV drugs;

 Cholesterol-lowering treatments;

 Birth control drugs;

 Anabolic steroids and others.


How to Administer Arava Maximum Safe


Consult your doctor before the beginning of the treatment course. Your doctor may require you to perform specific medical tests to make sure the drug will not harm your health. It is inevitable to follow all the directions in order to get top-notch results with minimum risks.


Do not take Arava in higher or lower doses. Regular drug use is halfway to positive results and overall successful treatment course. Your blood needs to be checked often. Sudden stop of the medicine use can trigger severe withdrawal reactions. An average effective dose is 100 mg once a day during 3 days, with the following 20 mg as a maintenance dose.


Side Effects and Possible Complications


Seek immediate medical assistance in case you have noticed severe skin reactions, allergic reactions, symptoms of infections, liver impairments and similar complications. Your doctor should know about less severe disorders, such as:



 Nausea, diarrhea;

 Increased blood pressure;

 Weakness, etc.


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