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Anacin is an approved fever reducer and pain reliever. Due to Acetaminophen, which is an active ingredient of the remedy, a patient gets an ultimate opportunity to experience considerable condition improvement within a short period of time. Generally, the remedy is prescribed to patients who experience muscle aches, backache, headache, fevers, colds, arthritis and similar health disorders. Additionally, Anacin can be used off-label for conditions, not mentioned in the safety guide.


Anacin as Safe and Effective Drug: Instructions and Directions for Its Flawless Use


Start the medication course with doctor’s consultation and take the drug exactly as directed. Advancing or decreasing the dose, you boost the risk of side effects appearance and negative drug influences. Anacin dose should be individually adjusted for every patient in accordance to his/her overall health state and other health peculiarities. Keep in mind that Anacin overdose can lead to severe liver dysfunctions and life-threatening symptoms.


If you give the medication to a child, use a pediatric form and obligatorily consult your medical specialist. Frequent medical tests are required for patients, who use Anacin for a long period of time. Sudden stop of the drug intake can result in serious withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Tell your physician about the medication intake, as it can change the results of certain lab tests.


Warnings, Precautions and Contraindications for Medication Intake


Anacin is a powerful medication, which promotes a significant influence on the organism. Therefore, consult your doctor before the beginning of the therapy and make sure you have no restrictions for the drug intake. Anacin is not approved for patients, who:


 Are allergic to Acetaminophen;

 Are diagnosed with serious liver disorders;

 Are alcohol addicted;

 Are pregnant and breastfeeding;

 Are under the age of 2 years old.


Additionally, it is inevitable to provide the doctor with a full list of illnesses and health disorders you have, as some of them can decrease Anacin effect, while others will trigger devastating side effects. Besides, never combine the pain reliever with other pharmaceuticals, unless it is advised by your healthcare provider.


Anacin Complications and Misuse Outcomes


A generally safe medication can trigger a range of harmful side effects and adverse reactions if misused or overused. Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed swelling, itching, hives, breathing complications and other symptoms of allergic reactions during Anacin use. Severe skin reactions, including fatal ones, can be rarely activated by Anacin intake.


Stop the medication course and contact your doctor immediately if your skin gets red, peeled and blistered. Additionally, provide your healthcare specialist with information about milder reactions, including:



 Clay-colored stools;

 Nausea, stomach discomfort and pain;

 Decreased appetite;

 Dark urine and others.


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