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Ampicillin is an advanced formula, which belongs to a group of penicillin antibiotics. Due to the powerful composition, the treatment helps fight body bacteria within a short time and eliminate its influence on vital body organs and functions. Considering all the positive effects, Ampicillin is widely used to treat various bacterial infections, especially pneumonia, meningitis, bladder infections, intestines or stomach disorders, gonorrhea and others. Moreover, the remedy can be administered in other instances, not listed in the guide.


Directions for Proper Ampicillin Use


As Ampicillin is an innovative and approved medication, its impact on the organism is rather strong, so the drug should be taken only as determined by a healthcare provider. Any changes in the prescription may lead to unwanted reactions. However, your doctor may occasionally change the adjusted dose in order to achieve the maximal Ampicillin effects. Report the issues to your medical specialist and wait for further directions. An average drug dose, sufficient for a safe course is 250-500 mg used orally, each 6 hours. Drink a plenty of liquid to preserve correct kidney functioning during the therapy.


Ampicillin should be administered on a regular basis, 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal. You should never pass the treatment to other people, even though they may share your symptoms. Certain medical tests and inspections may be also advised during the course to ensure the medication is safe and does not cause undesirable reactions. Skipping Ampicillin doses you boost your chances of further infection occurrence, which will be resistant to any antibiotics. Additionally, keep in mind that the complete course is necessary for full recovery, as the medication intake can just eliminate the symptoms, but not fight the reasons of its appearance.


Contraindications, Warning, Precautions and Related Issues to Consider


Discuss the medication use with your healthcare specialist before the treatment course. Avoid Ampicillin use if you are sensitive to its ingredients or similar antibiotics. Additionally, Ampicillin is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as its components may influence the health of an unborn and nursing child. The medication can decrease the effectiveness of your birth control drugs, so ask your doctor to replace the current ones with their non-hormonal alternatives.


Warn your physician about accompanying health issues you are diagnosed with, especially:


 Kidney complications;



 Allergies, etc.


Complications and Adverse Reactions as a Result of Ampicillin Misuse


Serious abnormalities may appear as a result of Ampicillin interaction with other drugs. Seek emergency medical help if you have noticed any disorders that are dangerous or life-threatening. Additionally, call your doctor to tell him/her about other side effects triggered by antibiotic use, including:


 Vaginal discharge or itching;

 Symptoms of cold or flu;

 Stomach disorders;

 Excess fatigue, confusion and concentration issues, etc.


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