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Being an effective weight loss aid, Alli produces an effective influence on the organism, blocking its ability to absorb the fat you consume. The medication is recommended to patients, who suffer from obesity. Besides, the drug is appreciated as a preventative treatment, which decreases the risk of further weight regaining. Alli is usually advised with a low-calorie diet and similar weight management measures. The treatment is not approved for children, so it should be taken by adults only. Apart from the main indication, the treatment can be administered in several other instances, not specified in the information leaflet. Discuss off-label Alli use with your qualified doctor primarily to its beginning.


Proper Medication Intake as Key to Fast Effects


Administer the weight loss medication as directed by your doctor to take the maximal benefit out of the therapy. You should never increase or decrease the dose, duration of the intake or other features, as it can lead to Alli misuse with its devastating consequences. Alli is individually prescribed to every patient, so you should not share it with other patients, even though they may have similar symptoms.


Generally, Alli is administered 3 times a day, with every fat-containing meal. Once you skip the meal, you should skip Alli intake as well. Keep in mind that the pharmaceutical use is a single part of a complete treatment program. Take other measures to promote condition improvement. Regular doctor’s consultations may be required during Alli intake in order to guarantee the safety of the therapy and advantageous influence of the prescribed dose.


Issues to Mind before the Therapy


Since the drug produces a serious influence on the patient’s organism and its functions, you need to contact your doctor before the beginning of the treatment course. Do not start the therapy if you have any contraindications or restrictions for the medication use. Patients, who are allergic to Orlistat or similar components of the drug, should avoid its use, as well as the ones with malabsorption syndrome. Alli should not be used by patients, who are not overweight.


To guarantee a safe course, a patient should warn the doctor about all the illnesses, health problems and complications he/she has, with ultimate attention paid to:


 Liver disorders;

 Kidney issues;

 Gallbladder disorders;


 Underactive thyroid and others.


Specific medications, including blood thinners, seizure pills, AIDS treatments, oral diabetes tablets and a range of others can interfere with Alli course, triggering devastating health impacts. Eliminate drug combinations to decrease the risk of side effects occurrence.


Negative Consequences and Misuse Results


Despite Alli is appreciated as a safe weight loss remedy, it can trigger mild to severe complications if misused or overused. The most frequently reported disorders include:


 Severe stomach discomfort and pain;

 Symptoms of kidney disorders or liver impairments;

 Oily or gas discharge;

 Bloody or painful urination and others.


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