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Aleve is a revolutionary medication, belonging to a group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The active ingredient of the treatment decreases the amount of hormones, which activate pain and inflammation within the body. As a result, the medication is used to relieve minor pains and aches caused by muscular disorders, arthritis, menstrual cramps, backache, toothache, headache, common cold and others. Additionally, Aleve is used as a short-term fever reducer. Besides, you may consult your healthcare provider to learn about other instances of possible Aleve intake.


Safety as Key to Successful Treatment Course; Warnings, Contraindications and Precautions


Considering Aleve course, you need to consult a medical specialist and mind safety throughout the whole treatment course. Intestinal bleeding, stomach disorders and fatal symptoms can be activated by Aleve. Therefore, you should administer the drug in an individually adjusted doses and following other specifications of your qualified medical provider.


Do not start the medication intake in case you are sensitive to its active ingredients. Additionally, the drug is not approved for people with allergic reactions to NSAIDs or asthma attacks caused by Aspirin use. There is a risk of harmful influence on the health of unborn and nursing children, if pregnant and breastfeeding women take Aleve. Special dose adjustment may also be required for patients with any of the following conditions:


 Fluid retention;


 Stomach bleeding or ulcers;

 Blood clots, heart attack or stroke history;

 Advanced blood pressure;


 High cholesterol;

 Heart-related impairments, etc.


Children under 2 years old are not approved for the medication intake.


Aleve Combinations with Other Pharmaceuticals


Certain medications may interfere with the way Aleve influences the body, triggering unwanted reactions. Thus, you need to inform the physician about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs you are using, with ultimate concern to:



 Oral diabetes drugs;

 Water pills;

 Blood pressure medications;

 Seizure remedies;



 Cyclosporine and others.


Instructions for Safe Aleve Intake


Follow doctor’s recommendations during Aleve treatment course. As a result, you will experience a considerable condition improvement without any adverse reactions and complications. It is advisable to start the therapy with a minimal effective dose increasing it, if necessary. Never break, crush or chew the tablet, but swallow it whole, instead.


Frequent medical tests are necessary for patients using Aleve for a long term. Tell your physician about the drug intake, as its components can change the results of specific medical tests. Report any complications or abnormal reactions to your healthcare provider appearing during the treatment course. Seek immediate assistance if you have noticed swelling, itching, breathing complications or other symptoms of allergic reactions.


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