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Adderall is a combination of Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine, which affect the central nervous system and the brain. The powerful combination of these medications helps balance the brain chemicals and nerves that are responsible for impulse and hyperactivity control. As a result, Adderall is prescribed to patients suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and narcolepsy. Besides, it can be used off-label for other purposes, not specified in the safety guide.


Recommendations for Safe Adderall Use


To experience positive Adderall results, one should administer it in accordance with a prescription and doctor’s instructions. Taking the remedy in higher or lower doses can decrease its effectiveness and lead to condition aggravation. Adderall overuse or considerable misuse can result in severe and even life-threatening side effects. Never change the medication dose on your own; report any complications to your healthcare provider instead. The drug is habit-forming, so never take it longer that determined by the doctor or in higher doses. Never pass the treatment to other patients without doctor’s permission. Do not chew, break or crush the tablet to avoid overdose.


Even though Adderall dose may vary greatly, depending on a person, 10 mg a day is an average effective dose. The treatment can be administered with or without food, preferably in the morning. Regular doctor’s visits are inevitable during Adderall intake, since your doctor has to be sure the therapy is beneficial, safe and has no adverse reactions. The results of your medical tests may differ from the normal ones during Adderall use, so warn your physician about medication intake before the test.


Contraindications and Precautions for the Drug Intake


The treatment has a range of contraindications that should be taken into account before the therapy. Thus, Adderall is not approved for people:


 Allergic to its components;

 Who are less than 6 years old;

 Pregnant and breastfeeding;

 With a recent history of MAO inhibitor intake;

 Abnormal blood pressure;


 Overactive thyroid;

 Coronary artery disease;

 Agitation, depression, anxiety;

 Alcohol or drug addiction, etc.


Special dose should be adjusted for patients with underlying health problems, especially:


 Abnormal brain wave test;

 Motor tics;


 Bipolar disorders and others.


Adderall Interactions with Other Medications: Side Effects and Misuse Reactions


Since the medication promotes a significant impact on the body and its functioning, it can also interact with other pharmaceuticals you take, either boosting their actions or causing unwanted side effects. Thus, tell your medical specialist about all the drugs you are currently using, especially:


 Blood pressure medications;



 Blood thinners;

 Seizure drugs;

 Narcotic pain drugs and others.


Call your doctor immediately if you have noticed any signs of allergic reactions or other side effects.


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